Color of the Month: April

With last month’s break from polish, I’m hoping my nails will be a little stronger for the next few months.  I attribute most of the breakage to my obsession with shellac manicures.  I just can’t resist how long lasting it is.  In my line of work, you’re lucking if the manicure lasts through the first prescription.

After reading several praises from Capitol Hill Style, I picked up the Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab kit.  Apparently it is supposed to give you gel-like wear without all the harsh chemicals and UV abuse. I wanted to test it out and wanted to its true power so I picked up a box and a DL polish from Sephora.  I wanted to go with a really shocking pastel that I didn’t own, so this creamsicle color was the perfect choice.



Tip Toe Through the Tulips is a lovely spring color that isn’t like anything else I own.  It borders on a neon nude, but with the right outfit, it provides the perfect pastel pop. It applies a little thin, so it takes just a few coats for it to get the perfect matte color.



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