Because BF and I have never really gone to DC together for sight seeing, we thought that going to see the Cherry Blossoms would a great idea.  We went yesterday and although a little overcast, it was GORGEOUS!


It’s been a while since I’ve been down to the Tidal Basin. Why are there so many people?


 Day off from work, but I can still see the skyline.


First time at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial! I know what you’re thinking, but it’s just so far out of the way!


 Lincoln from the WWII Memorial


Washington Monument from TJ. Look at the pretty pink blossoms!



We were prepared! We had our FitBit and Jawbone on, packed a little picnic for the park, and had our CamelBaks. Yeah, we were those tourists.  We logged about 10 miles and over 23,000 steps.  We took the OL to Smithsonian and walked down to the Tidal Basin, down to Lincoln, and back up the Mall to check out American History and Air and Space (it was his first time, can you believe it?!). Oh and we ended the day with Ben’s Chili Bowl, naturally.


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