Pasta for the Soul

I don’t cook a lot.  I know, take my woman card away.  My boyfriend is actually the one who loves to cook.  I kinda just stick by the food that helps me get by during late nights of studying or sad attempts of sobering up to study (YOLO). Then how, you ask, did I snag a man if I can’t cook.

Truth: I cooked one time.  I cooked one time four years ago, and he said it was the best thing he ever ate.  Last week, I cooked it again.  The irony lies in the fact that the second time I cooked for him ever, was the same dish. He didn’t hate it.  It is an entirely homey pasta dish and tastes great for days (you hear that, left overs??)

I love making it because it’s so easy. It echoes a little bit of Giada’s flavor, with the short cuts of Sandra Lee. Yes, I compare my food to the Food Network. DSC00391


Boil your pasta. I prefer penne for this dish. 

Slice up Kielbasa or another type of spicy sausage.  I like having a nice sear on at least one of the sides.

I don’t have a picture of it, but I just use a little packet mix of pesto sauce.  While that is reducing in a sauce pan, I sauté mushrooms and wilt spinach in a pan.


I pour the sauce into the pot of pasta to get a nice even coating.  I then stir in sausage and vegetables. I like to cook for the week, but this pasta is likely to last only two or three days.




Stalking the Duchess

It’s no secret that I love Kate Middleton. She is just one of my all-time favorite people, both personality and fashion-wise. I was already up and at it early three years ago today for her wedding to Prince William.  I stalked the door of the hospital when George was born, and now I am constantly checking websites everyday for the Royal Family Jr’s tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Thank you, internet, for providing amazing websites that allow me to see what all of Kate’s outfits are all in one place.  I believe these started popping up shortly before the announcement of their engagement.  People were catching on to Kate’s style presence and were documenting it.

1) What Kate Wore is basically every update from any outing Kate has been on.  Style spotters zoom in on the different pieces of her outfit and let us know (with links!) where her clothing and accessories are from.  During lulls, there are pieces on updates from Kate’s favorite brands, Kate’s favorite charities, and polls on our favorite looks for the year.

2) Repli-Kate is mostly Facebook-based.  Brittany helps us commoners find either exact pieces at deeply discounted prices or great replications so we can wear what Kate wears, without dropping our family fortunes.

There are tons more, but these are the only two that I follow religiously. And how adorable are these sketches that Brittany from Repli-Kate did?

Update: Brittany is offering prints of various duchess outfits if you donate to her charity! More details are on her FB page!

Make Up Monday: 4/28

No cosmetic feature this week, but rather a peek into my OCD side.  Like, really.  I hoard makeup, it is so embarrassing.  Among fantastic Sephora bi-annual sales, my drugstore couponing adventures, and the new Ulta opening across the street, I have acquired A LOT OF MAKE UP the past few months.

I also don’t like to use more than one type of product at a time, so I also have trouble picking out an item to feature on the blog.  So I made a list.  The list of all lists.  I made a database for all my make up.  Embarrassing, I know.  In one pad, I have three spreadsheets.  One for eyes, lips, and face products. Each sheet has a column of the brand and each item I have in that brand.  I also fill in the shade in purple if I have already reviewed it on the blog.  I’m weird, I know. 20140430-125805.jpg




Now do you see why I needed to go on a cosmetics fast? I am SICK.

Subscription Saturday: April

I’m going to preface this month’s post with: BEST. MONTH. EVER

A little bit ago, I was sad that the price of PopSugar Must Have box was going up.  I thought that they weren’t able to keep up with the awesome things they were giving us.  And for the first few months after this hike, the boxes were a little sub par.  This month’s box is hopefully the climb out of the slump.  It is packed full of goodies and EVERYTHING I LOVE.


1) BlueAvocado Eco Shopper Bag ($25) I think this is a little bit much for a reusable bag, but it is quite large, durable, and folds and zips neatly.

2) Too Faced Natural Eyes ($36) OMG I am in love with this and I am in love even more that it came in this box.  This palette basically pays for the whole box!

3) Graphic Image Pocket Notes ($20) It says “Run the World” perfect for all of my evil plans to take over.

4) Cladrea Rosewater Driftwood hand soap ($10.50) Smells amazing.  Great for a guest bathroom or powder room.

5) Fresh Pastry Stand “Totally Awesome” Tea Towel Set ($18). I love that these are quirky and fun.  The color options definitely matches my new kitchen! All from an etsy shop!

6) Nature Box PopSugar Must Have Mix ($5) I am a little sick of NatureBox products with PopSugar since they are technically a subscription service as well.  From past experience, the snacks have been bland with bad texture.

Total Value: $114.50

Daily Dose 4/25

Post-holiday weeks are typically busy.  Work has been super crazy due to some personnel changes, which means everyone has to step up.  It is yet another weekend that I have to work, so let’s hope people aren’t all crazy this weekend.  ALSO, my cousin is running the Nike Women’s half marathon this weekend, GO GIRL! More happy moments form this past week:





Boyfriend’s mom gave me an Easter basket. She is da bomb.



Every year. Every. Year.



My currency at work…

Have a great weekend!

The New Nude

Nude has been all the rage for a couple years.  Now with political correctness and plain inconsistencies of what nude actually means, many companies are creating “nude collections.”  Let’s face it: nude isn’t the same for everyone.  Sorry, white girl, but some girls are darker and some girls are lighter than your version of nude.

The best I have seen so far is from Christian Louboutin.  Although I do not own a pair, it is a dream to rock some red-bottoms with the perfect nude tone (did I really just say red bottoms?).  How depressing would it be if you bought some $600 shoes and it doesn’t even look nude on you?  They now have five “nude” shades for women of every color.  Genius, Chris, genius.

Going along the same lines is the nude makeup look.  Now, there are two schools of thought with nude lipstick.  The first nude lipstick cult is one that believes nude is skin colored.  The second school of thought is that nude lipstick matches the true color of the lip. IDEK.

Maybelline has a line of lipsticks, the Color Sensation Buffs collection, that has nude shades of all sorts of skin tones–even pinky ones for your true lip color.  Have at it! 

I love the more natural looks that are trendy these days, and that so many companies are accommodating their key purchase groups.  Women come in all shapes and colors, and these brands are realizing they need to have options for everyone!

Business Casual




When I first started pharmacy school, I was all about being the business bitch.  Like, power suits, excellent professional dress, and well tailored clothing.  I saw what my classmates were wearing, and it was certainly not up to par with what I had considered professional.  Rotations came around and I was not dressing up to my own personal standards.

Now that I am the working girl–and technically the boss lady, I need to step up my game.  I recently attended a meeting for all the managers in the district and really wanted to dress well.  How exactly do you dress up when you’ve gained a significant amount of weight since graduation and all your recent clothing is not exactly professional? I added a blazer, duh!


i had a poorly structured shift dress, but it got a little oomph with a well-fitting blazer.  With a pair of simple nude wedges, I managed to look presentable.  I see the blazer being a key player in my business outfits soon.


It’s really all about the accessories.  The right bag, shoes, and jewelry will really make the outfit pop.  Since my blazer is rather plain with little embellishments (a good thing!) I can wear a dressy and loud dress that I can use in other settings.  The blazer tones it down a little bit and makes it more serious-looking.

Also, I had a really good hair day:


Tea Time

Big sign of getting old: I’ll take a cup of tea over coffee any day.  I used to scoff at tea–it was just so old and traditional, and old fashioned.  Now that I am more concerned about the well being of my body and how I can improve myself to make the next work day better, I love tea.

Maybe it’s an Asian thing.  I love all sorts of teas: bags, flowering, loose, sweet, whatever.  I recently picked up a can of the Downton Abbey teas.  I mean, what a search it was for this little baby.  World Market had them around Christmastime, but it was sold out everywhere! I recently found it at Paper Source, so all is well now:


It seems I am not the only one.  Tea and tea accessories are popping up everywhere.  They are no longer playing to the traditional aspects of tea, but are making them more fun!

tea time

1) Tervis hot/cold mug ($16)

2) Pier 1 Happy Mug ($9)

3) Tea for two set ($16)

4) Pier 1 Turtle mug (so cute!) ($8)

5) Tardis tea pot ($48)

6) Bodum Tea Press Pot ($30)

7) C.Wonder Tea for One set ($38)

8) Teapot Tea Infuser ($13)

9) Teavana Macaron Tea Tins ($9)

10) Arta Tea Leaf Infuser 

11) Mustache Tea Bag ($23)

Make Up Monday: 4/21

Wow. I am incredibly bad at this whole cosmetics fast.  Like really really bad.  I basically told myself the fast was off and went HAM. I preface this post with this statement because I have yet another haul.  This one is from Sephora, after one of their 15% off sales.  I have just seen so many awesome things on YouTube and blogs that I HAD to try it.



1) Beauty Blender 2-pack. ALWAYS stock up on BB’s when they are on sale

2) Beauty Blender solid soap: gotta clean them, amiright?

3) Too Faced Air-buffed BB cream: This is something that was matched with my skinID a few weeks ago. I’m not a huge fan of BB creams, but this is so different, I thought I would give it a try.

4) Marc Jacobs Beauty Genius Super-Gel foundation: Also something that was matched with my skin tone. I love-love-love the Marc Jacobs line, so I am really excited to try this.

5) Urban Decay de-slick make up setting spray: I heard great things about this, and always on the prowl for a setting spray.  I got the mini size so I wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t work out

6) First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay: definitely a YouTube recommendation. I love that it tingles and that it peels off mostly in one piece (Hello, Clarise).

7) Clarisonic with Boscia products: I got this for my sister since I copped out on her birthday present this past year.  Treat yo’self!