Rainbow Loom-less

Yes, I am actually making a post about the damn Rainbow Loom. Yes, I am actually, significantly late to the Rainbow Loom train. My cousin and I were horrifically bored a few weekends ago and wanted to see what all the hype of a rainbow loom was.  So we got one.  Too bad it took about 5 seconds for me to get obsessed and competitive over some tiny rubber bands. I made all the designs they have in the how-to manual.



Then I turned to YouTube for some challenging endeavors, which actually extends far beyond necklaces. Characters, people! Minions!



I actually ran out of yellow rubberbands to make this little guy.

Then I saw a video that amazed me…and also made me really sad.  There was a way to make a pretty sweet looking bracelet and you don’t even need the gosh darn loom.  Finger looming, if you will. It sounds dirty. Half true.  It creates a neat chevron design, just like my ‘Merica one above:



Start with 3 rubberbands, the first one twisted into a figure 8. Make sure everything you layer on is the exact color pattern you desire.



Pull the loops of the most inward one over the top of the finger tips so it meets in the middle.



Add one band in the next color of your pattern. Then pull the most inward band over the finger tips again. Repeat this pattern until your desired length is met.



Tug on your design every so often to check up on it.  I like the girth of the bracelet as well as the design.

I’m a kid. I know.


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