Make Up Monday: 3/24

Make Up fast broken again, I think I have found the new love of my life.  Let’s preface this with the fact that my go-to cosmetic item, will take with me on a desert island is (drum roll) eyeliner!

Now, eyeliner and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the way my eyes are defined and popped when I apply it.  I hate when it smears all over my face and I have major raccoon eyes.  Like, I get raccoon eyes without wearing mascara.  After a 14 hour day, I am totally disappointed that no one told me I look like a hot mess.  Rude.

Oh right, I had a point.  My new favorite eyeliner is the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon ($25).  It is everything that I love and nothing that I hate.  Perfection. Finally, someone who understands me! It goes on smoothly with a light touch and stays put. All. Day. Long. LOVE!



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