Frocket Tees

As much as I love Frat Collection and High Tide frockets, I feel like $30+ is a bit much for a summer tee.  I decided to try a hand at making my own frocket tee with just a few supplies from the craft store (I’m talking Michaels…not even Joann’s!). You will need:

1) T-shirt

2) Fabric.  Not a lot is used, so even a quilt square will suffice

3) Scissors and Paper (for drafting)

4) Iron-on bonding tape



I decided to go all patriotic with a quilt square I picked up



I traced a pocket from another tee of mine to get the right shape



Trace the square over the part of the fabric with your ideal pattern.  I obviously wanted both stars and stripes.



Line the pocket with bonding tape and iron it onto the shirt.



It’s not fancy, but it sure is easy! Can’t wait to rock this tee (and others) for all the upcoming summer holidays!


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