Make Up Monday: 3/10

If you can’t tell already, I definitely broke my cosmetic shopping fast. IM SORRY BUT I MUST HAVE IT ALL. Maybe next year, self.  Maybe next year.  I just cannot resist all the great minis that Sephora keeps at its check out counter (more on these later).

My most recent scoop has been the NARS mini blush/bronzer duo in Orgasm/Laguna.  Only spending $24 on a $42 blush is a pretty good deal, especially if it’s something I really just want to try out.  I have not been accepted into the cult yet.

I know what you are thinking, “but don’t you love the ELF dupe of this little bitty?” The answer is, yes I do, but sometimes a girl just likes to teat herself.  Don’t judge me.  The difference is that the ELF version has a little bit more glimmer and shimmer than I tend to go for, while the NARS is more matte.  I love matte.



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