Six Weeks

Happy “Hey-you-have-something-on-your-face” Day! Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent. My Catholic School roots have guilted me into always giving something up.  Due to some unfortunate decisions in past years, it is actually really hard for me to decide what to give up each year.  On year I gave up all potato products: chips, mash, fries–it was terrible.  Last year I gave up soda.  Have you ever worked a 14 hour shift without soda? It was a terrible idea.

This year I am giving up buying food at work.  I tend to buy a lot of take out for lunch and head down the snack aisle between meals.  I guess this will teach me self control, and ease up on my waist line and wallet.

I consider this a little throw back to my college days, where Lent means diet season for an awesome spring break bod.



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