Make Up Monday: 3/31

I buy a lot of make up that I end up forgetting about and never using.  One such item is the Rimmel Fix and Perfect primer.  I actually don’t know how I even managed to forget about it since I bought it due to great reviews on Beauty Broadcast.

It goes on flesh-colored and blends in.  I definitely notice more eveness in my skin after applying and my foundation has a little bit more staying power.  For a drug store primer, it’s pretty legit. Definitely going back into my rotation.  Also, I misplaced my Revlon primer.  Probably in the black hole that is my back seat.


Daily Dose 3/28

Sometimes I love the weekend.  Sometimes I loathe that I work in a profession where I have to work every other weekend, at minimum. This is one of those weekends.  At least I had a lot of yummy things to be happy about this week:


Apple Pie Sorbet + Cinnamon Gelato + Sea Salt Caramel Gelato = Warm Apple Pie



New Hair, Don’t Care!



Made little wedding dresses at the Bridal Shower. So much better (and classier) than the toilet paper game!



Hand compounded soda? Please and Thank you for the pharmacy nerd twist in there.

Have a great weekend!

Rainbow Loom-less

Yes, I am actually making a post about the damn Rainbow Loom. Yes, I am actually, significantly late to the Rainbow Loom train. My cousin and I were horrifically bored a few weekends ago and wanted to see what all the hype of a rainbow loom was.  So we got one.  Too bad it took about 5 seconds for me to get obsessed and competitive over some tiny rubber bands. I made all the designs they have in the how-to manual.



Then I turned to YouTube for some challenging endeavors, which actually extends far beyond necklaces. Characters, people! Minions!



I actually ran out of yellow rubberbands to make this little guy.

Then I saw a video that amazed me…and also made me really sad.  There was a way to make a pretty sweet looking bracelet and you don’t even need the gosh darn loom.  Finger looming, if you will. It sounds dirty. Half true.  It creates a neat chevron design, just like my ‘Merica one above:



Start with 3 rubberbands, the first one twisted into a figure 8. Make sure everything you layer on is the exact color pattern you desire.



Pull the loops of the most inward one over the top of the finger tips so it meets in the middle.



Add one band in the next color of your pattern. Then pull the most inward band over the finger tips again. Repeat this pattern until your desired length is met.



Tug on your design every so often to check up on it.  I like the girth of the bracelet as well as the design.

I’m a kid. I know.

Good Friends

After a little reunion this past weekend, I am reminded of my good fortune in finding good friends.  Friends come from a lot of places, your childhood neighborhood, high school, college, grad school, and work.  You for these different relationships from different experiences in each situation.

It’s not always perfect how well your friends from different places mesh with each other.  The comfort lies in knowing that they will always do well when you need their help the most.  While some of my oldest friends have  moved far to pursue their careers, I still know that they will always be right here when I need it.  My college and grad school friends I consider comrades in arms during school.  They know the hardships I had gone through and exactly how to help me.

No matter the troubles I have in life, I will always have my besties!

Bridal Shower Frocks

My weekend trip to roanoke was a little epic.  It was wonderful reuniting with good friends and celebrating the future wedding of one of them.  One of my biggest pet peeves is people not knowing how to dress properly for a Bridal Shower.  Ok, maybe it is just my OCD and people easily get on my nerves.

I think women should always wear a dress.  Call me anti-feminist and traditional, but it is a freakin Bridal Shower.  Are you going to wear pants to the wedding too? I didn’t think so. As far as shoes go, if you can wear it on the beach, you cannot wear it to the bridal shower.  I am serious. I consider the shower to be a step less casual than the wedding itself. Here are some of my favorite looks:


Make Up Monday: 3/24

Make Up fast broken again, I think I have found the new love of my life.  Let’s preface this with the fact that my go-to cosmetic item, will take with me on a desert island is (drum roll) eyeliner!

Now, eyeliner and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the way my eyes are defined and popped when I apply it.  I hate when it smears all over my face and I have major raccoon eyes.  Like, I get raccoon eyes without wearing mascara.  After a 14 hour day, I am totally disappointed that no one told me I look like a hot mess.  Rude.

Oh right, I had a point.  My new favorite eyeliner is the Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon ($25).  It is everything that I love and nothing that I hate.  Perfection. Finally, someone who understands me! It goes on smoothly with a light touch and stays put. All. Day. Long. LOVE!


Subscription Saturday: March

I don’t care if I have the absolute worst day at work ever.  My mood is instantly better when I get a PopSugar box. At $40 a box, it’s a pretty pricy box, but the pay off is pretty awesome.  Way better than foil packets and perfume samples. Let’s dig in!



1) Brokedown Blue Ikat Scarf ($72) is a beautiful springy thin scarf. Is it really worth $72 to me? Not really. It actually goes for $38 on its website… Nice Try, PopSugar…

2) Jurlique Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum ($27) Like I said, I am really over serums, but it makes a nice gift. Or I might give it a try when I am done running through all of my beauty products

3) Dogeared Lucky Horseshoe Make A Wish Necklace ($30) I am a little in love with all Dogeared necklaces.  I feel like this is worth more than $30, but then also not.  It is a horse shoe charm (super cute, been looking for one) but on a thread….so IDK…still love it.

4) Bauble Bar Elephant Ring Tree ($12) HOW CUTE IS THIS! This is something I’ve also been wanting.  Nothing I found was as sleek and adorable as this silver elephant.  GIMME!

5) ActiveForever Fusion exercise ball ($10) While the concept is nice, I definitely own a few of these bad boys.  In fact, I have gotten them at 5 Below or other places, and I don’t really see a difference in quality.

6) Harvest Snaps Snapea Crisps ($2) Ok, let’s get this out of the way: at first the concept sounds terrible and disgusting.  HOWEVER. It’s like eating potato chips,  It is SO GOOD. Can you believe my excitement when I found the huge bag at Costco? Yea.

Total Value: $149 (price adjusted for actual price of scarf)


Daily Dose 3/21

I am so beyond excited for this weekend! I get to go down to Roanoke to stay with one friend before we venture down into the deep woods of Virginia for another friend’s Bridal Shower! I haven’t seen these little bitties since graduation, so I am just plum thrilled!



How to wrap a wedding present for someone who doesn’t like kids



Living near a Wegmans is dangerous


While Disney no longer has new movies every month, I certainly approve of showing oldies when the time is appropriate. Thank you, Luck of the Irish, for reminding me where I first saw one Carlton Lassiter from Psych!

Have a great weekend!

First Day of Spring

It’s the first day of Spring! And naturally, it is freezing cold and I am working. As per Spring tradition, I like to over-do my March 20 outfit to let everyone know that it is, in fact, Spring. That means tons of florals, pastels, brights.  Of course I cannot overwhelm people, so I use a nice neutral as a base. Navy is good.





I am basically terrified to share this post because I used to make fun of Pandora bracelets so much.  I’m pretty sure its because it is carried at Jared’s, which has some pretty negative connotations.

My boyfriend’s mom, on the other hand, loves herself some Pandora.  I mean, that woman has EIGHT FULL BRACELETS. And these charms ain’t cheap. She got me a bracelet, a bangle actually, for Christmas with some charms.  Now, I am in love.


I like that the charms are subtle and cute.  Some of them are like standard charms, while others are beads, which don’t get in the way at work.  Yes, I have a unicorn.  That is all.