Back when I was in school, there was always one (or a lot) of projects you dread every year.  It was the one thing you would stress over all year and a few weeks prior to it, it absorbed your entire life.  Well kids, I got bad news for you. It happens in the adult world too.

I feel like the big annual project equivalent in the retail pharmacy world is the annual inventory.  Lucky for me, this happens twice a year.  We have to count literally every single thing in the pharmacy, label it, clean the whole place, prepare everything the big bosses upstairs could possibly ask about, and still perform normal pharmacy operations while strangers are back there.  It is insanely stressful.

Yesterday was my inventory.  I stayed late after work, almost got locked in the pharmacy overnight, and have counted possibly over a billion.  Best thing about working though? Days off.  Today is my day off and I don’t have to use my brain for anything.  This is basically how I plan on spending my day:


1) Sleeping in. Some things never change.

2) Lounging around in my yoga pants.  I am sick of being mobile in business pants.

3) Netflix. All. Day.

4) Milkshake. Nothing will be brought to my yard.  I am remaining in bed all day.

5) Eating everything in sight. Whole bag of chips by myself? Not ashamed.

6) Burning a fancy candle. Some of these drugs are really smelly. I need a change of scenery

What do you do to veg out? Whatever it is…you deserve it! Treat yo’self!


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