Top 5 Easter Candy

I work in a drug store, where Christmas begins and September, and Valentines Day and Easter start Dec 26. Working long 14-hour shifts gives me a lot of time to contemplate–and eat all the drugstore candies have to offer.  Yes, I am rounding up my Top 5 Easter candy, and they better be in my basket, boyfriend.

5) Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Why buy singles at 70 cents a pop, when you can get a six pack for less than $3! It’s called being economical.  Look, the holiday Reese’s is like a peanut butter cup on steroids.  The egg is clearly the best one because it is round.  No cuts here and there like the Christmas tree, pumpkin, and heart.  You get the WHOLE THING. They are literally not cutting corners with the egg.

4) Peeps. Say what you freaking want about Peeps. I love them.  And if you hate the way they taste, they serve a multitude of functions.  Stick them in the microwave to watch these birds and bunnies explode.  My all-time favorite anti-eating use of Peeps is the Washington Post Peep Show. Yes, you re-create your favorite scenes with PEEPS!

3) Nerds Jelly Beans. This will be the only Jelly Bean I am featuring. First, because every freaking company makes jelly beans for Easter. Second, Nerds can compete against all this chocolate going on. Ok, so imagine the most delicious fruity jelly bean you got (I’m looking at you, Starbursts and Sweet Tarts), AND ADD THE BUMPY NERDS ON THE OUTSIDE. Lawyered.

2) Sweet Tart Bunny Gummies. Since I didn’t want to overload anyone with chocolate, I would like to pay special attention to gummy candy.  Do they even have their own holiday? I’m pretty sure Easter is the season most accepting of our gummy friends. These are delicious. Those damn sour sugars always get me.

1) Cadbury Mini Eggs. Hands down, the winner.  Look, its basically like a really, really fat M&M except its Cadbury chocolate. It’s basically Easter crack. And if you are watching your waistline, they come in a mini pack. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have eaten a whole bag throughout the course of a work day.


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