Silver Lining

I have been on a serious jewelry kick lately.  While I have been leaning more towards bright enamel bangles, I have been turning back to my silver roots.  Imagine the horror when I find them all… dingy. And rusty-looking.  I don’t quite know the correct term for it, but it certainly did not look silver.

One of my pieces was from Marley Lilly (of course) so I asked what I could use to freshen up my jewelry.  The Social Media guru there suggested any type of silver polish.  I found a jar of Hagerty’s Silver Foam at the Container Store and it is pure magic.  It looks super scary to apply since it is brown, but it foams up and cleans the silver so well! I pretty much went on a silver cleaning spree….



I mean look how brown this silver bead bracelet is, compared to the small quadrant I cleaned in the upper left??



Just like new. I am ecstatic!


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