What’s in my Gym Bag

Y’all can stop laughing now. Sometimes I go to the gym…sometimes it’s once a month, but I go…

Now that Lent is creeping up on us in a couple weeks, I figured I need to kick up my game in full gear to participate in the annual Catholic Girl Diet season. There is something so motivational about having a gym bag all glammed up and ready for me to take out the door.  NO EXCUSES!


1) I have a less fabulous version of this Adidas bag–my version is cadet blue and neon yellow, before neon yellow was cool.

2) Monogram Camelbak from CoolersByDesign keeps me hydrated (and fabulous!)

3) iPhone + earbuds to jam out to Britney while on the elliptical–although, let’s be honest, I’m the one watching the Food Network and salivating at the same time.

4) Sneakers–I largely prefer the Nike Free line of sneakers.  I have been wearing the Nike Free Run for quite some time and recently got a pair of the Nike Free Trainers.  Love the way they feel.

5) Workout tank + leggings–I prefer lululemon leggings, as much as they are overhyped, I really do like it.  Target’s C9 premium line is also a great knock off of Lulu. Recently I have seen SUPER cute workout tanks for the common girl, you know I have to get in on that.

6) Loreal One Sweep eyeshadow is still an obsession of mine and a definite time saver for when I have places to be after a workout session

7) The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind foundation with the sponge tip applicator is also a great quick-fix foundation for after a run on the treadmill.

8) On days that I do not have time to shower (gross, I know) I prefer to use the Alterna dry shampoo.  It is a true powder dry shampoo that soaks up the oil on my scalp really well.

9) Travel shampoo. I recently picked up some travel-sized Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and conditioner at work, but I like using sample packs of shampoo in my gym bag just to get rid of them, and also save some room in my bag.

10) Same for body wash.  I like to raid the travel section for gym items, or use up the items I get in my Influenster or PopSugar boxes.

11) I have tons of face washes as well, including a travel size set of when I was using the Clinique 3 step system.  They still work and travel well, so they are staples in my gym bag.

12. Don’t EVER forget your loofah. Ever.

What absolutely has to be with you at the gym?


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