Fight Winter with Moisturizers

As I get older, I find myself being more obsessed with moisturizing.  When I was much younger, my sister and I would kid around with a girl we used to babysit because her mom would obsessively slather lotion all over her face.  Now she has terrific skin, and our age is showing. Joke’s on us. For you Doctor Who fans out there, there is one lesson we learned to keep our youth:

Creepy as that may be, she did end up being the last human on earth…right? This winter has been a pretty bad one.  Polar vortex and multiple snow storms (come on, we don’t get snow in DC!) have reeked havoc on my skin.  And it’s not like I can just use one really good lotion, I have to use one for my body, then my hands, then my face, and then my lips.  Ok, there is probably one miracle product out there, but I have yet to discover it. In the mean time…


1) Cerave moisturizing cream ($14): Hands down, my favorite body lotion out there.  It is great for my sensitive skin, and softens any (all) problems I have in less than 24 hours

2) Vaseline Spray and Go ($7): great for any girl on the go.  I prefer the cocoa butter spray (it smells great), but the other scents and formulas work just as well.

3) ELF Lip conditioning balm ($26): ultra-moisture-locking formula and highly pigmented.  I don’t know where else you can find a product that can provide both.

4) Rosebud balm/salve ($6): A cult favorite lip balm.  One tiny tin will probably last you a few years. This was my one secret in high school to having perfect smooth and glossy lips.

5) Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer ($14): Not only does it even out your skin tone, the formula creates a barrier between your face and the cold air.  It also lasts for-ev-er. I swear I have been working on just this one bottle for about 6 months.

6) Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (or Gel) ($26): Another cult favorite, and best used with Clinique’s 3-step system, the lotion is a great moisturizer. For oily skin, like myself, I use the gel, which was launched a few years ago.

7) EOS hand lotion ($2): YES YES YES.  The ever popular ball lip balms now comes in a hand lotion (and a shaving cream, if yall care)! It doesn’t quite live up to its 24-hour  promise, but it comes pretty darn close.  It’s a little bit hard to find, but I have seen it at Target, Ulta, and Bed Bath and Beyond

8) L’Occitane ($28): Quite one of the best hand lotions I have ever used.  I prefer the Cherry Blossom scent, but there is nothing wrong with any of the hand creams for this company.

And here comes another storm…stay safe (and moisturized)!


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