Make Up Monday 2/10

When my mornings are arriving earlier, my make up routine in the morning just gets a little bit shorter. When I had stopped by Sephora for a good morning make up routine that was quick and easy, I got a half-assed answer and was told to use a creme eye shadow pen.  While I liked it, it didn’t give me the same dimensions that a normal make up routine would give me.

A couple years ago, I was doing some pre-market reviews for a third party and was sent the Loreal One Sweet Eye Shadow. I kinda thought it was lame and one of those gimmicks that would be pulled off the market soon.  I was dead wrong, and actually pretty angry that I took so long to use it.  But hey, that’s the point of my make up purge right now, amirite?

I have this purple-tone one, which actually compliments my dark brown eyes well.  Apparently purple is my power color.  I am on the fence about that one… but it gives all my colors at once, in the places they are supposed to go.  I use a blending eye shadow brush to make it look a little more authentic and a little less cheesy, but it is literally a 30-second eye make up routine for me.  Now, I just have to wait until my birthday to try out other colors in the line (hello neutrals).


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