Make Up Monday: 2/3

It’s back! It’s back! IT IS FREAKING BACK! Hello, Lilly Pulitzer x Estee Lauder collection! I plan on sticking to my “no make up purchases until my next birthday” so I am going to give the Estee Lauder skin care items a try–but not go overboard.  I am going to end up with a ton of moisturizers and face washes, which I already have tons of.

As you remember from last year, I got one of each bag from every department store except for the bag (ordering starts today!). The bags are super cute–I think they are better than last years! Unfortunately, I missed the boat on the Lord and Taylor bag, which always seems to be ignored because it begins in december rather than in the new year. IDK.

The Lilly Blog already posted release dates of each department store:

February 3:

February 9: Dillards

March 4: Macy’s

March 31: Belk

April 2: Bloomingdale’s

April 8: BonTon

April 14: Nordstrom

Don’t forget about ordering them on the department store websites! I don’t live near a Dillards, Bonton, or Belk, so I actually ordered them online last year. I AM SO EXCITED!


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