Monogram of the Month: February


“Oh my gosh how is it February already?”–said every twenty-something girl ever. No but really, I still think it’s August or something.  Having the first of the month on a Saturday really sneaks up on me, especially when it comes to Monogram of the Month.  Good thing I have a nice rotation of monograms going around in my room.

Surprise, surprise, it’s not from Marley Lilly! I saw this monogrammed boyfriend watch on Sassy Steals and FELL IN LOVE. Oh my gosh, it is so masculine and feminine at the same time.  Move over, Michael Kors, I have a new watch love in my life.

20140207-084936.jpgI got this one via SassySteals, but I cannot remember who the vendor was. There are plenty of monogram watch vendors on Etsy, however.  I have a rather large wrist, but this one is particularly large on me.  I do need to get it re-sized, but I cannot wait to wear it on the reg.



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