Daily Dose 2/28

I cannot come to terms with the fact that this month is over. Bananas, I tell ya! Another beginning of the month is approaching, which means a few crazy days in pharmaland. Here are some highlights from my past week:



A fancy drink that tasted like college. Malibu rum, y’all



Way too obsessed with rainbow loom. Who am I?



Nutella, out of the jar, at work.



Red Velvet shake from Good Stuffs Eatery is my jam.

Have a great weekend!



Back when I was in school, there was always one (or a lot) of projects you dread every year.  It was the one thing you would stress over all year and a few weeks prior to it, it absorbed your entire life.  Well kids, I got bad news for you. It happens in the adult world too.

I feel like the big annual project equivalent in the retail pharmacy world is the annual inventory.  Lucky for me, this happens twice a year.  We have to count literally every single thing in the pharmacy, label it, clean the whole place, prepare everything the big bosses upstairs could possibly ask about, and still perform normal pharmacy operations while strangers are back there.  It is insanely stressful.

Yesterday was my inventory.  I stayed late after work, almost got locked in the pharmacy overnight, and have counted possibly over a billion.  Best thing about working though? Days off.  Today is my day off and I don’t have to use my brain for anything.  This is basically how I plan on spending my day:


1) Sleeping in. Some things never change.

2) Lounging around in my yoga pants.  I am sick of being mobile in business pants.

3) Netflix. All. Day.

4) Milkshake. Nothing will be brought to my yard.  I am remaining in bed all day.

5) Eating everything in sight. Whole bag of chips by myself? Not ashamed.

6) Burning a fancy candle. Some of these drugs are really smelly. I need a change of scenery

What do you do to veg out? Whatever it is…you deserve it! Treat yo’self!

Top 5 Easter Candy

I work in a drug store, where Christmas begins and September, and Valentines Day and Easter start Dec 26. Working long 14-hour shifts gives me a lot of time to contemplate–and eat all the drugstore candies have to offer.  Yes, I am rounding up my Top 5 Easter candy, and they better be in my basket, boyfriend.

5) Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. Why buy singles at 70 cents a pop, when you can get a six pack for less than $3! It’s called being economical.  Look, the holiday Reese’s is like a peanut butter cup on steroids.  The egg is clearly the best one because it is round.  No cuts here and there like the Christmas tree, pumpkin, and heart.  You get the WHOLE THING. They are literally not cutting corners with the egg.

4) Peeps. Say what you freaking want about Peeps. I love them.  And if you hate the way they taste, they serve a multitude of functions.  Stick them in the microwave to watch these birds and bunnies explode.  My all-time favorite anti-eating use of Peeps is the Washington Post Peep Show. Yes, you re-create your favorite scenes with PEEPS!

3) Nerds Jelly Beans. This will be the only Jelly Bean I am featuring. First, because every freaking company makes jelly beans for Easter. Second, Nerds can compete against all this chocolate going on. Ok, so imagine the most delicious fruity jelly bean you got (I’m looking at you, Starbursts and Sweet Tarts), AND ADD THE BUMPY NERDS ON THE OUTSIDE. Lawyered.

2) Sweet Tart Bunny Gummies. Since I didn’t want to overload anyone with chocolate, I would like to pay special attention to gummy candy.  Do they even have their own holiday? I’m pretty sure Easter is the season most accepting of our gummy friends. These are delicious. Those damn sour sugars always get me.

1) Cadbury Mini Eggs. Hands down, the winner.  Look, its basically like a really, really fat M&M except its Cadbury chocolate. It’s basically Easter crack. And if you are watching your waistline, they come in a mini pack. I can neither confirm nor deny that I have eaten a whole bag throughout the course of a work day.

Small Office Inspiration

The ultimate #FirstWorldProbs right now. I don’t know how to decorate a home office.  Kevin and I are lucky to have an extra space in our new place.  It is technically a closed off balcony and transformed into a sunroom. We are converting it into a home office, but is quite a small space, where we have just a few (a lot of) bookcases and a large oak desk.

One word: Pinterest. Pinterest solves everything, especially home decorating ideas:

Make Up Monday: 2/24

IDK what the deal with my lashes are, but I know that they are stiff and unhappy.  I cannot manipulate them, no matter what I do. I mean why do I even wear mascara? My lashes are already black.

I recently got the ModelCo Fibre Lash Xtend ($22) in a PopSugar box, and I am pleasantly surprised.  The “fibres” help build the lash and it keeps the lashes formed just slightly up longer than normal.

Also, there is a mirror on the back of the bottle. You know I love me some double taskers.

Subscription Saturday: February

Guess what guess what guess what! TWO subscription boxes this month!

I really love looking forward to my PopSugar boxes each month, especially if there is a holiday associated with each month.  I can’t imagine what a Valentine’s box would have in store, so let’s take a peek!




K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle ($11) smells amazing!



Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash ($5) this was a bonus, so I am not mad about getting a drugstore product.  Also, full size!



NCLA nail polish in Rodeo Drive Royalty ($16) I have been dying for a good deep red.  Although spring is approaching and pastels are looming, I like a good red.



Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum ($24) I am kinda over argan face serums, as it makes my face really oily, but it makes a nice gift.



ModelCo Lip Pops duo (sold in a kit, approx $15 each) a lipstick and gloss in one, I kinda love the peachy hues and how neutral and bright it can look at the same time.


Gorjana jewelry roll ($45) I love anything Gorjana.  This jewelry roll is perfect for travel, but seems a little below standard, structure-wise.



SugarWish cinnamon hearts ($9) I guess it’s a pretty way to package dollar store candy?


Total value: $125

Influenster Vox Box: J’Dore–Influnester is a free sample service where subscribers get to try new items a few times a year.  It is not monthly and it depends on your activity on its website.

DSC00377 DSC00381

1) AN ENORMOUS BAG of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. Please and Thank you. ($5.29)

2) RedRose Teas.–they have dessert like flavors and are pretty amazing (approx $1)

3) John Frienda Frizz-ease flat iron spray . A cult favorite among hair experts, now for your straightener. ($10)

4) Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Mask. A little liquid-y but it does a great job ($9.39)

5) Kiss Looks so Natural Lashes, I tried lashes one time for a college halloween. Imagine that for a second. ($4)

Total Value: Almost $31

Daily Dose 2/21

So. Many. Snow. Days. At least the weather is projected to be fabulous this weekend.  Perhaps some outdoor outlet shopping? Yes please.  Until then, here are some happy moments from this past week:



Trader Joe’s Poutine: a snow day treat!



These are things I have been missing for the past year. My room has a black hole.



This is a kit to make suppositories. I haven’t made them since I was in school. #AwkoTaco



Never underestimate a women with coffee and lipstick.

Have a great weekend!

Silver Lining

I have been on a serious jewelry kick lately.  While I have been leaning more towards bright enamel bangles, I have been turning back to my silver roots.  Imagine the horror when I find them all… dingy. And rusty-looking.  I don’t quite know the correct term for it, but it certainly did not look silver.

One of my pieces was from Marley Lilly (of course) so I asked what I could use to freshen up my jewelry.  The Social Media guru there suggested any type of silver polish.  I found a jar of Hagerty’s Silver Foam at the Container Store and it is pure magic.  It looks super scary to apply since it is brown, but it foams up and cleans the silver so well! I pretty much went on a silver cleaning spree….



I mean look how brown this silver bead bracelet is, compared to the small quadrant I cleaned in the upper left??



Just like new. I am ecstatic!

Laundry Room Inspiration

Move-in day is in less than two weeks!!!! One of the places I am super excited to organize and decorate is the laundry room. Yes, you heard me right, we have a LAUNDRY ROOM in our one-bedroom apartment.  Lucky girl, I know.  I love the idea of having a closed off room, where I can stand (and not a shanty little closet I open up to a stacked W/D).

I am constantly inspired by these clean spaces people have in their homes just for doing laundry.  While this is not a full-blown home with an entire basement devoted to washing clothes, I have a great space to work with.

Love: clean lines and cabinets to hide everything and keep it looking neat

Love: Fantasy wash room! Not likely to be done in my new place, but the cabinet color!

Love: wall color and chandelier!

Love: Dark cabinetry and how manly it looks! Maybe it will entice K to do some laundry

Snow Cream

What. is. with. all. this. snow. Are you serious! the only great thing about all of this snow is that it leaves plenty of snow still clean after shoveling for me to make snow cream!

I used this recipe I found on pinterest.  If it’s good enough to be cross-stitched, it’s good enough to make, right? Right?

So here it goes……..

DSC00356 DSC00357 DSC00359


I added a little bit of toppings on it to make it less…bland.  Although I did go over board on the vanilla, it was a fun little experiment.  I think I need someone with a little bit more expertise to make me snow cream next time.