Sleepy Head

Raise your hand if you have ever slept in sweats and an oversized tee.  Let’s be honest, that is most people’s sleepy time routine.  I probably have not owned a proper pajama set since I was about 7 years old.  Last month’s Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual sale produced an abundance of marked down pajama sets.  $15? hello. Please and Thank you.

I fell asleep like a baby wearing a set of grown up PJs.  Although my sister said “you look like grandpa” she got really jealous and wanted a set for herself. Now that the sale is over, they have brought in a whole other line of pajamas, which I still adore.

PSA: I button my buttons. Sitting around with my PJ top not buttoned is not attractive on me, as I am not a VS Angel. Also, definitely wait around for the semi-annual sale.  $50 for a set of pajamas is a little much.


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