Coffee Addict

One Christmas, my sister and I got each other the exact same thing.  Like, literally the exact same thing.  We were trying so hard to surprise each other and we both got each other a Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker.  This was before it was cool to have your own espresso maker.

After a while, it kind of became a chore for us to actually make the lattes and cappuccinos.    Enter the advent of Verismos and Nespressos, where all you need is an outlet and the machine does the rest. My sister had been singing the praises of the Nespresso since her fancy office has one.  She did the unimaginable and got me one for Christmas! (I got her Hunter boots, which I sadly could not share with her)

The machines are incredibly expensive and you can only use Nespresso pods, which can only be bought on their website.  The milk steamer is an extra cost, almost as much as the machine.  If you aren’t into the exclusivity of the Nespresso, I would try the Starbucks Verismo, where they have (dried) milk pods and flavors you can buy right in your local Starbucks store, and the machine is a little less expensive.

In our house, however, I microwave half of a cup of milk (fancy, I know) while my machine heats up the water and then add the espresso to it.  Recently we found flavored Iced Coffee where milk is sold, so we actually cut it in half with that so it’s not too milky. Tasty!


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