Color of the Month: January

Holy Yeezus, it is cold! Polar Vortex was no joke.  Granted, DC land was at the edge of the vortex, but it didn’t stop me from wear leggings under my work pants and thermal undies under my cable knit sweater at work. Oh, and our building is not well-heated, so I have the luxuries of a space heater next to my face and then one at my feet.  Seriously, freezing!

In honor of all this chilly weather, this month’s color on my nails is Essie’s Chinchilly.  Yes, I went there.  I love that Essie is now available at drug stores (ie work) because I can browse all these little pretties after I sign off, and the employee discount doesn’t hurt either.

20140125-143145.jpgSomething I really like to do is to use matte topcoats in the winter.  It gives me an icy finish without looking like I need to go to the hospital for hypothermia.  It is a nice change from the “sparkle” ring finger.  I like to go with the icy ring finger.  Ha…says a lot about me does’t it?


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