Make Up Monday 1/6

This whole not-buying-makeup for a year really puts a damper on my Make Up Monday posts.  It’s hard to rediscover what is hidden in my stock pile of cosmetics when I like using up all of one product before I move on to the next.  Luckily for you, I have recently ran out of my ELF cream blush (waaah!) and I now have to try out another blush in my collection.

Remember this enormous make up stock pile that I have? Yeah, this goes so far back that I have make up that is no longer available. If it’s not open, its not old, right?  Right now, I am trying out another cream blush in the form of Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush.

I was ab. so. lute. ly. in love with the Dream Matte Mousse foundation a few years ago, and the blush had come free with one of the promo packages. Legit, I know. This was before the time I had discovered the ELF cream blush, so I was not aware of the magic powers of cream blush. Unfortunately, it is way way more pigmented than its ELF cousin, so I am not comfortable applying it with the Beauty Blender.  Thankfully, I have a stipple brush that I can apply and blend it with.

After searching the interwebs for a stock image, I was sad to find out that it actually is not available anymore.  Unless you go on Amazon.  Sold by people who also hoard make up.


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