Daily Dose 1/31

Happy Official New Years.  While I am at work, my family will be enjoying a lovely traditional dinner tonight. Womp Womp. I had a great week, and will be working this weekend.  For some reason, nothing can break my spirits! This is probably why:



A totally grown up lunch. I make a bomb grilled cheese sandwich, BTW



Finally put a great birthday present to use and got a facial with my sister. Oh goodness it was wonderful actually getting pampered and getting to relax.



Crazy Lasagna was CRAZY good. From Ozzies!

Have a great weekend!


Happy New Year

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! That’s Vietnamese for Happy New Year! Yes, other Asian countries do celebrate the lunar new year as well.  While The New Year is celebrated tomorrow, the 31st, I have to work, sooo yeah. On my day off, I just wanted to make some festive cupcakes.  Any reason to make red velvet cupcakes, amirite?



Just some yellow food coloring to some traditional cream cheese frosting (I mean, what else are you going to have with red velvet?) and chocolate letters, and voila, some Chinese New Years cupcakes! In all disclosure, this was a Duncan Hines day.  Cake mix and frosting. The only thing remotely from scratch is that I melted chocolate chips to make the letters.

Also loving this Lilly Pulitzer 5×5 in honor of the year of the horse:

Sleepy Head

Raise your hand if you have ever slept in sweats and an oversized tee.  Let’s be honest, that is most people’s sleepy time routine.  I probably have not owned a proper pajama set since I was about 7 years old.  Last month’s Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual sale produced an abundance of marked down pajama sets.  $15? hello. Please and Thank you.

I fell asleep like a baby wearing a set of grown up PJs.  Although my sister said “you look like grandpa” she got really jealous and wanted a set for herself. Now that the sale is over, they have brought in a whole other line of pajamas, which I still adore.

PSA: I button my buttons. Sitting around with my PJ top not buttoned is not attractive on me, as I am not a VS Angel. Also, definitely wait around for the semi-annual sale.  $50 for a set of pajamas is a little much.

Professional Bean Boots

Yeah, I said it. I wear my Bean Boots to work! Hello, it snows! I am absolutely required to go to work.  “Emergency personnel” is a very malleable term, apparently.  I am prepared for all weather and so I will begin my adventures in bean boots.


I personally think I look pretty snazzy in a fair isle sweater dress (Old Navy), leggings, winter puppy crew socks and my 6″ bean boots.  Oh, how well it goes with a white lab coat.  Surprisingly enough my district boss came into the store to say hi (read: check up on us) and actually complimented my outfit and my preparedness.

And then I was snowed in and it was super dangerous to drive home.  Thanks, work!

Make Up Monday 1/27

This week’s Make Up pick is kinda the opposite of a cosmetics.  Ever since I started wearing heavy foundation, I have found it harder and harder to get my face really clean at night.  This ends in my breaking out at the worst possible times.

I was introduced to the Estee Lauder Take it Away make up remover lotion ($28) to help break up all the gunk on my face before I wash it.  Note, this is not a cleanser, but kind of a pre-treatment for washing your face at the end of the day.

2-3 pumps and a good buffing in, and most of my make up is gone! I just have to put a little elbow grease in with soap, and I am good to go for the night.

Subscription Saturday: January

Favorite time of the month! I love love love my PopSugar Box! This month was all about looking great, doing great things, and eating great.  You know, all that resolutions mumbo jumbo. Let’s dig in!


1) Malin + Goetz Detox Face Mask I love me a good looking face! I am always look for a good face mask to do a good cleaning but doesn’t leave my skin thirsty afterwards.  When that happens, excess oil is produced. Let’s hope this works out well ($40)

2) Juice Generation book. I was just thinking the other day about juicing and starting on drinking up some super foods.  I am so happy this book came in.  I am starting off with smoothies, but when I get me a fancy juicer, this book will surely come into play ($16)

3) Rifle Paper Co. 2014 Flip Around the World Desk Calendar I am sorry, but this is beyond adorable, and it stands up on a desk all pretty.  It is really more for show than functionality, but it is a great little piece of art ($16)

4) Jack + Lucy Tech Gloves. Apparently no one can find these online, but they are cropping up on eBay for about $10-$20.  They are your standard tech-screen gloves that will help out on bitter cold days and you just want to play Flappy Bird

5) Pipsnacks White Truffle Pipcorn. Holy moly these were beyond delicious.  I wasn’t too thrilled about the tiny size of the pipcorn…it kinda looked like crumbs you find at the bottom of the microwave popcorn bag.  The flavor pay off however…da bomb dot com. ($6)

6) Revlon by Marchesa Box o’ Files. Um, excuse me. MARCHESA?! REVLON?! Two of my favorite things in the world?! Yes, please get me to the closest drug store.  Oh wait, I work in one.  These little beauties are just too pretty to use, but super convenient and inconspicuous to throw into my purse.  I’ll get a matching set, please! ($5)

Total value of box: $93. Definitely not as valuable as past boxes, but I feel like I like way more of these items than I did in the December box.  I am a little bit excited for February, and all the mushy gushy Valentines-themed items I will probably get!

Daily Dose 1/24

Holy Cold, batman! This week was frigid that I actually wore mittens! And a scarf! The horror! I usually cannot bring anything into work with me, due to security reasons, so I try to pack on as little as possible, but the cold weather is making it near impossible.  This week’s highlights pretty much sum them up!



The drastic difference in temperature between outside and a hot cup of tea basically requires mittens to buffer the change.



My kind of {little}man!



Quail, probably the fanciest bird in Vietnam.  And my uncle cooks them up really nicely!

Have a great weekend!

Coffee Addict

One Christmas, my sister and I got each other the exact same thing.  Like, literally the exact same thing.  We were trying so hard to surprise each other and we both got each other a Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker.  This was before it was cool to have your own espresso maker.

After a while, it kind of became a chore for us to actually make the lattes and cappuccinos.    Enter the advent of Verismos and Nespressos, where all you need is an outlet and the machine does the rest. My sister had been singing the praises of the Nespresso since her fancy office has one.  She did the unimaginable and got me one for Christmas! (I got her Hunter boots, which I sadly could not share with her)

The machines are incredibly expensive and you can only use Nespresso pods, which can only be bought on their website.  The milk steamer is an extra cost, almost as much as the machine.  If you aren’t into the exclusivity of the Nespresso, I would try the Starbucks Verismo, where they have (dried) milk pods and flavors you can buy right in your local Starbucks store, and the machine is a little less expensive.

In our house, however, I microwave half of a cup of milk (fancy, I know) while my machine heats up the water and then add the espresso to it.  Recently we found flavored Iced Coffee where milk is sold, so we actually cut it in half with that so it’s not too milky. Tasty!

Curl Magic

Y’all know how much I love to curl my hair.  It’s a little bit of an obsession. A very, very sick obsession.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my Dry Bar 3-Day Bender curling iron, but I was just very very interested in something that had caught my eye at work.

The Conair Infiniti ProAir Curl Secret was just so….different. You load your hair into the slot, and it sucks up the hair and curls it.  It also has an anti-tangle feature to save your precious locks.  Don’t be fooled by its drug store position, it’s still pretty hefty at $100, but I had my employee discount and a few extra bucks.

Go ahead and try it!

Cran Oatmeal Cookies

My mom loves craisins.  I freaking love craisins.  When someone goes to Costco to buy a five-pund bag of craisins for two people to enjoy, you start to think of creative ways to eat them.  Let me introduce you to the Cranberry-Oatmeal cookie, the tart cousin of the Oatmeal Raisin Cookie.

DSC00300 DSC00302 DSC00304


My sister used her “super secret” recipe, and it came out looking like a granola bar.  Maybe next time, sis.