Color of the Month: December

This month’s color is going to be a little different.  PLOT TWIST: I am using an at-home shellac kit.  I love me some shellac manicures, but at $40 a month, it kinda hurt.  I had almost $30 in CVS Extra Bucks, so I got a kit for $25! The first color I went for was a cranberry shade.  Technically it’s called “Raspberry Wine” but it is still the perfect color to go between Thanksgiving and Christmas.



The kit comes with buffer to remove ridges, alcohol+pads to remove anything else from the nails, a primer, base+top coat, and a color.  Obviously, it comes with a UV lamp.  It was really easy to use, and like with all shellac manicures, the dry time is zero.



To keep the shine, all you really need to do is get some 99 cent rubbing alcohol from the drug store and just run it over your fingers a few times a week, or whenever you feel like it’s looking dull.  I am really looking forward to getting more colors and giving myself more manicures at home!



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