Daily Dose 12/13

Hello, hello! Happy Friday the 13th! In the great words of Michael Scott, I’m not superstitious, I am a little stitious. I made the excellent decision to work 50 hours this week and boy, am I beat! Thanks to the snow day, I had a pretty slow day.  I’m really happy with the week, and possibly will be much happier when that pay check comes. 



Snow day chic with Vineyard Vines, Target Style, Kiel James Patrick via The Lucky Knot, and Marley Lilly accessories. 



A delicious (and enormous) red velvet cookie from Panera as a night cap



I created a winter wonderland in at work! Hey!



Meet Virginia–with Fraternity Collection pocket tees from The Lucky Knot (they have ALL the good stuff).  So comfortable, and I am a little in love with Virginia. 


Can you believe this cupcake was home made by my sister’s co-worker? Yummy Yum Yum Yummers. Chocolate-y goodness!

Have a great weekend! 


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