Gift Guide for the Fam-Bam

The hardest people to buy for is, hands-down, my family.  There is always the expectation of greatness since you know them so well, and the lack of manners because…well, they do know you so well they can be impolite.  My Mother is a notorious returner.  I can’t remember a single present I gave her that she didn’t return or give back to one of us kids. My dad is a man of very little words, so he would never tell us if he didn’t like something.

My sister and cousins are the best to buy for.  They are completely honest with me and tell me what they want ahead of time.  I like to spin it from there and then surprise them with even more goodies, including inside jokes!


Book: Pioneer Woman Cookbook ($14)

Accessory: Louis Vuitton Shawl ($640)

Clothing: J.Crew Barn Jacket ($158)

Electronic: Charging iPhone case ($80)

Home: Perfect Temperature electric tea kettle ($100)

Drinkware: Yedi Sweater mug set of 6 ($50)

Beauty: Clarisonic Mia 2 ($150)


Book: David and Goliath ($16)

Drinkware: Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug ($18)

Electronic: iPhone speaker horn ($10)

Clothing: Ralph Lauren Polo Quarter Zip ($70)

Beauty: Jack Black Skin Care Set ($56)

Accessory: Team gloves ($28)

Home: Chocolate Faux Fur Throw Blanket ($30)


Books: Howgarts Libary Bookset ($13)

Drinkware: Fox pint glasses set of four ($20)

Home: Ice Cream Maker ($30)

Clothing: J.Crew Pajamas ($70)

Beauty: Butter London High Tea Collection ($65) *The nail polish version of Christian Louboutin’s multiple nude pumps. LOVE!

Movie: Monster’s University ($25)

Electronic: Nokie iPhone case ($9) *Talk about #TBT! How can I play snake on my iPhone?


I hope y’all have enjoyed my gift guides this week! I am working on some DIY Christmas presents this weekend, and I can’t wait to share with you! Expect lots and lots of glitter!


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