3-Day Bender

I have a new love in my life.  And the boyfriend loves it too.  The 3-Day Bender from The Dry Bar is just a miracle worker for my stubborn hair.  I first heard of it from Carly at the College Prepster and was a little skeptical since her hair is probably more malleable than mine.

Let’s start with some background.  I have Asian hair.  It is stick straight–it air dries stick straight.  Many people envy the glossy…”straightness” of my hair.  I am sick of it.  I can’t do anything with it except straighten it even more.  It doesn’t hold a curl, which was a nightmare for my high school cheerleading team, where we had to have tight curls for all games and competition.

Recently, Sephora had a VIB event with 20% off my purchase, so I jumped on the Dry Bar 3-Day Bender kit that came with a free Money Maker flexible shampoo, which smells really good.  I had never been to the Dry Bar (even though I work just across the bridge from Georgetown), but if this curling iron works in the country’s most successful salon chain, then I’ll gamble on it.


Not only did I have amazing results and beachy blow out look, it held.  It held for days! I am beyond happy! It can give me a casual look or a glam holiday look depending on how much I brush it out after I curl.  This is definitely going to be a staple in my morning routine.


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