Advent Calendars

Sticking to my Catholic Girl roots, I absolutely love Advent.  It’s not just a season that starts with Black Friday, like the rest of corporate America, but a new year for the Church. As a kid, the absolute best part of Advent (besides the pink candle in the third week) is the Advent Calendars! If you were anything like me, you always got a chocolate Advent Calendar, and maybe have eaten all the chocolates by now…

Corporate America is stepping up their game a little bit to blow me out of the water this year.  Here are some of the BEST Advent Calendars I have seen this year:

Benefit Cosmetics Countdown to Love. A make up mini every day until Christmas? Oh my word, this is amazing! The actual size? As tall as I am…

Starbucks Tin and Chalkboard. Each little tin is a deliciously luxe oreo with all sorts of accouterment. And when you are done, the backing is a chalkboard, to write about how much you love Starbs and Oreos.

Ciate’s Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar is almost as amazing as the Benefit one, but this is definitely a plus for those of us obsessed with nail polish! Yes, this kit does include glitter and the coveted caviar manicure polish. Gimme Gimme Gimme.

I just want to know that the greatest candy company on Earth has its own Advent Calendar. Yes, Haribo Gold Gummy Bears are in here somewhere, but their other candies are just as amazing. Noms.

Oh, you think you’re too old for Advent Calendars? Think again, missy! A wine bottle a day (hopefully to share with your significant other or roommates…) is an excellent adult choice.  You can try this with those fancy European beers at those fancy grocery stores (I’m looking at you, Wegmans, Wholefoods, and Trader Joe’s…) or if you’re not a drinker, with different K-cups for your Keurig in the morning.


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