Make Up Monday: 12/2

OH. MY. GOSH. How is it december? Didn’t I JUST graduate from school? Nope, it has been over six months. Womp Womp. This week is the last installment of my ELF haul, ending with all my face products (did you see what I did there).

elf haul face

1) Redness reducing mineral infused primer. I have used the original for years. Recently they came out with specific and colored ones like the Smashbox primers. Pretty excited to try it out!

2) Acne fighting foundation.  Another new product.  I am very wary of cosmetic products that have drug in them.  Hopefully this does not make me break out.

3) HD Mattifying Cream Foundation.  Why was I worried about breaking out? This cream foundation did make me break out a little.  I was really hoping to replace my Estee Lauder foundation cream with this, but no such luck.

4) HD Concealer.  I am obsessed with ELF’s HD products, as well as concealer, so this was clearly going to be a hit for me.  You can never have too much concealer.

5) Maximum coverage concealer.  I have heard this is very similar to Kat Von D’s heavy tattoo concealer, so I am hoping this works out as well.

6) Contouring blush/bronzer cream duo. I have loved the powder version for years, and am loving that this comes in a cream.  I can’t wait to do a sleek contour with my beauty blender!

7) HD blush. At a fraction of the cost of my Make Up Forever blush, I really wanted to give these babies a go.  I got them in Headliner and Diva.  Headliner is pretty neutral and Diva is a little bit…aggressive.  I probably won’t use the latter at all. A teensy tiny half-dot is all that is needed because this blends out very very dark.

8) Baked highlighter. I recently got the Laura Mercier baked highlighter, but it was at a womping $40.  At $3, I hope this can live up to expectations.

What are your favorite ELF products?


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