2013 in Review

2013 has been a good year to me.  Let’s be honest, it was probably the most grueling, and turned into the most rewarding year! The first half was a punch-in-the-gut time and the second half was probably some of the happiest months I have ever had. It all began with….

My Graduation! You may call me doctor now!

I had a great last hurrah with my pharmacy girls

I finally got to relax on the beach. Private beach with drink service is the only way to go

Went to the July 4th Nats game in style

The. Best. Feeling. Ever.

I started writing for Sweet Lemon, an online magazine

My best friend is an old married lady now

Saw the Vineyard Vines madras SUV. Next, I need to see the Lilly Jeep

Had a great Christmas with the BF’s family.

I hope 2013 was as good to you as it was to me.  Many great wishes for 2014!


Make Up Monday: 12/30

Although I haven’t really announced it, I made a decision not to buy any more make up for a full year.  This decision came on November 20 (my birthday), so I will not be buying any cosmetic item until November 20, 2014.  Of course, you know I can’t stay away from Sephora, so there will probably be an increase in my nail polish-skin care-hair care collection.  As you can see, I have a massive stockpiling problem of all my cosmetics that I keep buying.




I know this puts Make Up Monday into a twist, but I am working on ways to make it more interesting rather than just a make up review each week.  I really like watching YouTube videos that show dupes of high end cosmetics, hidden gems, or make up looks.

What kind of things do you look for when reading blogs about make up?

Subscription Saturday: December

My favorite time of the month is actually at the beginning of the month these days.  I love getting my PopSugar box in the mail.  It really is one of the best days EVER. They have recently increased their prices, so the value of the box has also gone down.  I was not that much of a fan of this box, but I hope they step up their game in the new year!


1) Ghiradelli chocolate squares.  I got two bags: The Holiday Collection with Eggnog, Peppermint Bark, and Pumpkin Spice ($8) and a Milk & Caramel ($5).

2) NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail wraps ($16). They are the nail stickers in two sets–one in a candy cane stripe, and in a red and white polka dot.  I don’t like to use a whole set of nail wraps at once.  I actually like to paint my nails a base color and do maybe every other finger at most with a nail wrap, so getting a whole set will last me quite a while–and mostly next year’s holiday season.

3) CC Made Caramel Corn ($4). YUM! I love caramel corn! It is NOT the holiday season until you have some caramel corn, preferably in the tri-tin containers.  This definitely hit the spot.

4) GoVino Go Anywhere Flutes ($13).  They are shatter resistant (read: plastic) stemless champagne flutes.  These are pretty good for my clutzy friends, and even includes a little divet for your thumb for better grip.

5) Modelco Fibre Lashxtend Mascara ($24). I’m not usually a mascara person, because my eyelids hate me and spread mascara all over my face at any possible chance.  I do wish my lashes would hold the curl longer so that the gunk doesn’t get everywhere. Maybe this will be the answer to my prayers?

6) Mixt Studio Holiday Gifting Set ($9). This gift wrap came in handy when I was making home made christmas cards and gift card holders.  It is made of 100% recycled paper and has very unique prints on it.  It is a little flimsy, so I didn’t want to use it on actual gifts.

7) Lulu Frost Bracelet ($110) This bracelet practically made this box.  I have never heard of the brand before, but I believe there have been some past collaborations with J.Crew.  The website showed some very high-ticket items well over $200.  This particular bracelet was made for PopSugar specifically, but is also available on their website. The jewelry is very vintage looking, and great for new years parties.

Total value of box: $189 (!!!)

Daily Dose 12/27

Christmas was a joyous celebration this year.  Kevin’s family is a little crazy about Christmas, and I loved spending it with them.  Having Christmas in the middle of the week is a little weird, but it is definitely a welcome break in business at work.  Highlights of the week:



Home Sweet Home for a Hokie Graduation!



Delicious little treats on a rainy Sunday morning



Hello, sizzling Thai lunch



Having to wrap a whole lot of presents the night before Christmas? Craziness, I tell ya!



A beautiful way to celebration Christmas with my family!

Have a great weekend!

The Day After

This year’s Christmas season has been a bit of a whirl wind.  With working, mass, and  mad dash to BF’s parents house, I am pooped.  Oh and I am working again today. 20131228-233702.jpg


Boy, does his family know how to do Christmas.  I am talking breakfast casseroles, mountains of presents for each person, and a country Christmas dinner.  The kind of country dinner that actually takes place at 2 in the afternoon and people pass out in a food coma afterwards. It was spectacular.  Can’t wait for next year.

OH! And they do stockings! Like with actual stocking stuffers.  This concept is completely foreign to me. I thought it was an urban legend or something.

Christmas Wishes


Merry Christmas! I hope everyone and your families have a wonderful Christmas!  Last night I went to midnight mass at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. It was a beautiful (and long) mass. 20131228-121053.jpg


My family loves going to Christmas and Easter Vigil here because they have put so much effort into decorating for these special holidays.

I am off to my boyfriend’s house this morning for Christmas with his family.  We are more of a Christmas Eve family, but his family is all about Christmas Day festivities. I really look forward to seeing how his family does things. What are some of your favorite traditions?

Holiday Party

Merry Christmas Eve! I am working today (womp womp) and will be going to midnight mass with my family at the National Shrine.  For many of you, you have fancy holiday parties to go to, and that makes me VERY jealous.  If I were to go to a Holiday party, hypothetically, It would pretty much look like this:

holiday party

I feel like a bright red and gold glitter would be my power colors this season.  And I am 110% obsessed with this candy cane dress from Vineyard Vines. Like I must have it now.

Make Up Monday: 12/23

As you all know, I have one sick obsession with eye liner.  It is my go-to product and I cannot leave the house without at least applying eyeliner.  A year ago, I bought one of the “best of eyeliner” kits from Sephora.  For $30 I had a ton of eyeliners that I could just try out and see which ones I like.

My absolute most favorite eye liner of the bunch is the Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes pencil ($19).   It glides on like a liquid and gives you the absolute control of a pencil.  It also stays in put VERY well. My biggest hot-mess problem with my eye liner is that by the end of a long shift, i I have serious raccoon eyes. So embarrassing.  MUFE keeps it in check.


Book of the Month: December

If you are missing the Downton Abbey void like I am, then I hope you will find the solace I found in reading about the struggles of mid-level British Aristocracy. The struggle is real, apparently.

When I started reading Snobs, I was convinced that it took place in the same era as Downton Abbey and saw a similar resemblance of young, un-titled, women needed to marry into a wealthy family to keep up with society.  Nope, this story takes place in modern-day Britain.  Some things never change, I guess.  Well, except for the girl who has to conform to higher society and forgetting her true friends along the way, just to fit in.

So when does Downton start again? I miss it so dearly.  I tried to go out and buy the teas from World Market for the holidays…and they were SOLD OUT.  The horror…

Daily Dose 12/20

It has been a really quick work week as I get to go down to Blacksburg today to see the BF graduate (finally)! Even with it being cut a little short, I had some pretty fun events with friends and family:


A prime rib and baked potato bigger than my face!



My first bean boots and new adventures with them



Oh Northern Virginia and your parking…



Finally got around to decorating our Christmas tree. There is glitter everywhere.



Finally, someone who knows how to appreciate me!

Have a great weekend!