Subscription Saturday: November

Yes, this is happening, another monthly Saturday post! I keep falling behind on sharing my PopSugar box with you all that we are making this a monthly installment for the last (err fourth?) Saturday of the month.  Look at that, we are all taken up on the weekend!

Yall know I love my PopSugar box! I hope to share more subscription boxes as I get them.  I just don’t think the more popular ones are worth it at the moment.  Perhaps I will jump into the unboxing video game, but I am still unsure as to how to shoot them….

Without further ado, my PopSugar box for November!



1) Michael Stars Wrap (est $42) basically paid for the entire box and then some. It is a beautiful black and gray wrap and is the perfect thickness for a fall to winter transition.

2) Illume Candle ($15.75) has candles in naughty and nice.  I lucked out and got “naughty”. It smells a little pine-y and masculine so I don’t think I’ll be burning it until I get a place with boyfriend so he can enjoy it.

3) Land’s End Canvas Wine Tote ($12) I am a little in love with this.  It is a great holiday gift to go with your Three-Buck-Chuck.  Have it monogrammed for a special touch!

4) Maison de Monaco Strawberry and Black Currant cream preserves (est $6) I haven’t gotten to try it out yet, but I bet it makes one hell of a grown-up PB&J.  I have a very interesting PBJ story, but will probably share that when I post about it.

5) The Soap&Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap ($8) another strong pine smell.  The wrapping is gorgeous and would make a great gift, but I already only tolerate our Christmas Tree, so the soap is probably not something I would enjoy.

6) Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads (est $2.50) is quick, convenient, and great for on-the-go days.  I get chips on my nail polish really easily at work, so I can keep these in my pocket to get rid of the nail polish really easily since unsightly nails are just not my thing.

7) Barefruit crunchy sea salt chips (est $2.50).  These were apple chips with a sea salt caramel flavor. It was like eating a healthy caramel apple.  Yum! I liked these better than my nature box apple chips because these were chippy, and not weirdly soft like the others.

8) Canvas Pop $30 Gift card.  This card is for to blow up a picture on a large canvas.  I like the idea of this to put a family photo on a large print canvas, but it’s hard to do that because it involves picking a good picture that everyone likes, and also to make sure there is a good place to put it in the house.

The price of the box has gone up to $40 per box (womp womp) but the value of this box without the CanvasPop card is $88.75.  Still pretty worth it! I hope the quality doesn’t go down since they are realizing the high cost of the boxes, but I look forward to getting future boxes!


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