Happy Thanksgiving!

All bitterness and sarcasm aside, I am truly thankful today.  I am thankful for my health and health of my loved ones.  Some people are not as lucky, and so I and many of my colleagues are here for you. I am thankful that my company only requires me to work until 2pm so I can spend the evening with my family. 

So much has happened this year that I am thankful for.  As I was reflecting on graduation and my last 4 years in pharmacy school, I came across this gem.  We are all a little lucky that Thanksgiving is always, and the ultimate, throwback Thursday. 

That, ladies and gents, is my very first (and the last) turkey I cooked. While it preceded the time of Friendsgiving, I cooked up a turkey for our class Thanksgiving dinner.  It actually turned out quite well and was so happy to share it with so many new friends this first semester of grad school! Yes, the outfit was for an 80s themed fundraiser right afterwards, ha. 


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