Fall Uniform

The crisp cold air, while it so lovingly reminds us of warm cups of coffee and crunching leaves, means dressing up warm and demands absolute cuteness.  Wanting to stay in bed all day takes a toll on my get-ready-time every morning.

This is the reason I loved wearing uniforms in high school.  I knew exactly what I would be wearing every day and it earned me an extra 15 minutes of beauty sleep every morning.  Hello adult world, why must I wear something different every day?  I guess I don’t really have to.  I’ll settle for the same concept and in different colors and combinations.

fall uniform

1) I love a good barn or field jacket.  Can’t afford the ones from Barbour or J.Crew? LL Bean and Old Navy have fantastic alternatives.

2) Dark leather bag.  I do love my Speedy, but any dark leather will do in this cold weather.

3) Scoop neck sweaters are kinda my thing right now.  I think it sits very beautifully to accentuate the collar bone and also the magnify any statement necklace or modest pendant you are wearing.

4) Skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans–you want to be comfortable and warm.  While I do wear leggings as pants on my lazy days, sometimes I just can’t hide the VPL or the wind is just a tad too nippy to enjoy the laziness.

5) Riding boots.  I finally found a pair of riding boots that are adorable, simple, and fit my large calves. The Target Kasia boots are steep for Target, but oh so chic and comfortable!

6) Gold earrings for when I want to be flashy.  The Tory ones are subtle and a little flashy too (hello brand logos). Pearls fit in for a more modest day as well.

7) Loving my monogram necklace right now–don’t forget the Marley Lilly Black Friday sales! 

8) Always match your stack to the rest of your outfit! Or completely change it up to make them pop!


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