Subscription Saturday: November

Yes, this is happening, another monthly Saturday post! I keep falling behind on sharing my PopSugar box with you all that we are making this a monthly installment for the last (err fourth?) Saturday of the month.  Look at that, we are all taken up on the weekend!

Yall know I love my PopSugar box! I hope to share more subscription boxes as I get them.  I just don’t think the more popular ones are worth it at the moment.  Perhaps I will jump into the unboxing video game, but I am still unsure as to how to shoot them….

Without further ado, my PopSugar box for November!



1) Michael Stars Wrap (est $42) basically paid for the entire box and then some. It is a beautiful black and gray wrap and is the perfect thickness for a fall to winter transition.

2) Illume Candle ($15.75) has candles in naughty and nice.  I lucked out and got “naughty”. It smells a little pine-y and masculine so I don’t think I’ll be burning it until I get a place with boyfriend so he can enjoy it.

3) Land’s End Canvas Wine Tote ($12) I am a little in love with this.  It is a great holiday gift to go with your Three-Buck-Chuck.  Have it monogrammed for a special touch!

4) Maison de Monaco Strawberry and Black Currant cream preserves (est $6) I haven’t gotten to try it out yet, but I bet it makes one hell of a grown-up PB&J.  I have a very interesting PBJ story, but will probably share that when I post about it.

5) The Soap&Paper Factory Roland Pine Shea Butter Soap ($8) another strong pine smell.  The wrapping is gorgeous and would make a great gift, but I already only tolerate our Christmas Tree, so the soap is probably not something I would enjoy.

6) Absolute! Nail Polish Remover Pads (est $2.50) is quick, convenient, and great for on-the-go days.  I get chips on my nail polish really easily at work, so I can keep these in my pocket to get rid of the nail polish really easily since unsightly nails are just not my thing.

7) Barefruit crunchy sea salt chips (est $2.50).  These were apple chips with a sea salt caramel flavor. It was like eating a healthy caramel apple.  Yum! I liked these better than my nature box apple chips because these were chippy, and not weirdly soft like the others.

8) Canvas Pop $30 Gift card.  This card is for to blow up a picture on a large canvas.  I like the idea of this to put a family photo on a large print canvas, but it’s hard to do that because it involves picking a good picture that everyone likes, and also to make sure there is a good place to put it in the house.

The price of the box has gone up to $40 per box (womp womp) but the value of this box without the CanvasPop card is $88.75.  Still pretty worth it! I hope the quality doesn’t go down since they are realizing the high cost of the boxes, but I look forward to getting future boxes!


Daily Dose 11/29

Happy, happy Black Friday, y’all! Birthday week got extended into this week because I finally got to see the boyfriend.  We had a lovely whole-day-date that started at my most favorite breakfast spot and ended with dinner and a movie. It was a wonderful way to start off the week, so here are more highlights:



Crumbs Bakery now sells their version of CroNuts! Delicious…



The ultimate secret laboratory hidden inside a trunk!



My co-worker broke my fort–also, there is now this indestructible bubble wrap and it is making me lose my freakin mind.  Do you know how much fun it is to jump into this mess and expect some popping and crackling going on? Blasphemy.



Oh, hello, gorgeous!



The ultimate worksgiving feast

Have a great weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All bitterness and sarcasm aside, I am truly thankful today.  I am thankful for my health and health of my loved ones.  Some people are not as lucky, and so I and many of my colleagues are here for you. I am thankful that my company only requires me to work until 2pm so I can spend the evening with my family. 

So much has happened this year that I am thankful for.  As I was reflecting on graduation and my last 4 years in pharmacy school, I came across this gem.  We are all a little lucky that Thanksgiving is always, and the ultimate, throwback Thursday. 

That, ladies and gents, is my very first (and the last) turkey I cooked. While it preceded the time of Friendsgiving, I cooked up a turkey for our class Thanksgiving dinner.  It actually turned out quite well and was so happy to share it with so many new friends this first semester of grad school! Yes, the outfit was for an 80s themed fundraiser right afterwards, ha. 

Fall Uniform

The crisp cold air, while it so lovingly reminds us of warm cups of coffee and crunching leaves, means dressing up warm and demands absolute cuteness.  Wanting to stay in bed all day takes a toll on my get-ready-time every morning.

This is the reason I loved wearing uniforms in high school.  I knew exactly what I would be wearing every day and it earned me an extra 15 minutes of beauty sleep every morning.  Hello adult world, why must I wear something different every day?  I guess I don’t really have to.  I’ll settle for the same concept and in different colors and combinations.

fall uniform

1) I love a good barn or field jacket.  Can’t afford the ones from Barbour or J.Crew? LL Bean and Old Navy have fantastic alternatives.

2) Dark leather bag.  I do love my Speedy, but any dark leather will do in this cold weather.

3) Scoop neck sweaters are kinda my thing right now.  I think it sits very beautifully to accentuate the collar bone and also the magnify any statement necklace or modest pendant you are wearing.

4) Skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans–you want to be comfortable and warm.  While I do wear leggings as pants on my lazy days, sometimes I just can’t hide the VPL or the wind is just a tad too nippy to enjoy the laziness.

5) Riding boots.  I finally found a pair of riding boots that are adorable, simple, and fit my large calves. The Target Kasia boots are steep for Target, but oh so chic and comfortable!

6) Gold earrings for when I want to be flashy.  The Tory ones are subtle and a little flashy too (hello brand logos). Pearls fit in for a more modest day as well.

7) Loving my monogram necklace right now–don’t forget the Marley Lilly Black Friday sales! 

8) Always match your stack to the rest of your outfit! Or completely change it up to make them pop!

American Girl

Another special moment on my birthday last week is that my article for Sweet Lemon Magazine was published.  I wrote an open letter to the American Girl Dolls company regarding their drastic re-design to do away with their historical dolls that we came to love.  I also got quoted into an art piece for their media outlets.  While some (older and more wet-blanket-type) people thought it was dumb to look up to dolls, many agreed that there are just some things you don’t try to fix.

Yes, I had to throw in my doctorate in there. I am still on the doctorate honeymoon.  I wish the AG peeps knew the impact they made on so many young women who are now starting their careers. You can read the full letter here.

Make Up Monday: 11/25

For the second installment of my ELF haul, I have my Lip product.  Yup, I am definitely not a huge fan of a lot of lip products (despite my desperate desire to buy more lipstick in 2013), so I ended up with just the conditioning lip balm in Peaceful Pink

elf haul lips

I had seen so many YouTube videos about this lip balm with rave reviews.  It is a very subtle pink color, and definitely a plus for the winter weather coming our way.

Daily Dose 11/22

Birthday weeks are the BEST weeks! No doubt today’s best moments are food related–they almost are! Enjoy!


Celebratory cakes from Best Buns Bakery! (They make the fried dough balls at Coastal Flats and Sweet Water Tavern)



Got my shirt that helped send the new CGP to Guatemala for a mission trip



Alice+Olivia for Starbucks mug helped celebrate my birthday too!



Got an all-American birthday treat from a local boutique, the Lucky Knot, whose website is now live! It’s basically one of my favorite places in the world and is absolutely adorable.

Have a great weekend!

Free Birthday

Lesbi-honest here. The best part about a birthday is all the free things companies give out.  Let’s take a look into my free day yesterday:

Free Drink at Starbucks

Free Pastry at Panera

Free Burger at Red Robin

Free Yogurt at Pinkberry

I’m stuffed! Thank you for all the birthday wishes!

Twenty Six

Out go my early 20’s. In come my late 20’s. Responsibility approaches and I still have the mindset of a college undergrad.  It’s been a good year.  I got my doctorate. I guess this birthday marks the beginning of my grown up life.

Today, I will walk into work with my Alice+Olivia tutu mug, grab all the free birthday treats I can from Starbucks, Panera, and Pinkberry, and possible sneak in an extra dessert at dinner.

I am really looking forward to what this next year of life will bring.  I can feel the good vibes from the 26-year-gods. Cheers!

It’s Going Down

It’s birthday eve and it is a glorious day off.  Now that I have not a care in the world, I really enjoy jamming out to songs on the radio–high school style.  For some reason, I am really feeling Ke$ha and Pitbull’s Timber.

Yeah I said it, it is my jam right now.  Maybe it is my Blacksburg roots that make me dig the country line dance type sound, and then also party girl. I might. Maybe. Play it on repeat while I am at work tomorrow. Yeah, I have to work on my birthday. Womp womp.