The No-Good-Very-Bad Day

I don’t like talking about work on this blog.  I don’t do it because it’s not professional and you don’t need to know about it.  But at some time, we all have bad days.  Yesterday was terrible.  There is a point in every career when you just completely lose your mind, and I had no idea that my day would come so soon.

I didn’t do anything bad.  I didn’t lose my cool at my patients, nor did I quit my job.  I sure felt like that inside, but I didn’t act on any sort of anger.  Instead, I just did what any normal 20-something would do.  I sat in my car and cried. I went home, called my boyfriend, and kept crying.

Hey, I had it coming, and pharmacy winter was just the tipping point.

Oh, PSA: when you come in for your flu shot, don’t come in with a long sleeve shirt with no undershirt.  Seriously?


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