Make Up Monday: 10/7

Is a beauty line really a beauty line if there are no beauty products?  That is what I asked myself when they announced the Tory Burch beauty collection.  When I looked at the sneak peek, I saw a lot of fragrances and a cute cheek and lip tint.  I thought, “wow, they were not joking about just a peek.”

Then I saw their full launch, and it was just a blush, lipstick and a brush added to their collection. Wow, really? There are a total of four actual beauty items, and that, to me, is not a beauty line.  The only thing I like is the cheek and lip tint, only available in one color, and that comes at an agonizing $38.  The least expensive item in their collection is a $32 and it is a lipstick only available in one color.


Let’s face the facts and call it what it is, Tory Burch has released a fragrance, not a true beauty line.  Even Justin Beiber has a fragrance.  Want a real designer cosmetics line? Try Marc Jacobs–they know how to launch a make up line.


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