Overnight Oats

Someone I follow on twitter who is also super into Crossfit, like I once was, was talking about overnight oats.  I was super intrigued, as I hate fixing breakfast in the morning and that ends up as either skipping breakfast, or eating something horrendously unhealthy.  After researching several options for overnight oats, I realized I could just mix up whatever the hell I wanted to!

They mostly have the same base: oats, non-dairy milk, greek yogurt, and chia seeds.  I don’t know what it was that threw me off about chia seeds, but I love them now!  They turn really gelatinous after you get some moisture in them.  I might just add this to regular old water for some added protein.


Chocolate banana: oats, chia seeds, cocoa powder, bananas, honey greek yogurt, coconut milk all mixed up in a mason jar.


Looks uhhh…questionable.  But it is pretty amazing.  Leave these in overnight and enjoy in the morning.  I make about a week’s worth of what I know I will eat.  They can spoil, so don’t make more than for a week.  It is easy, quick, and fills me up really nicely before the dreaded 14 hour shift.

Hold on, how the hell is it October? Eff this, yall!


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