Under the Sea

Halloween is hard when you’re a grown up and your job has a strict dress code.  Thankfully, I overloaded on some pave starfish jewelry at the Fornash store in the past few months.  That pretty much means I’m going to work as a mermaid today, with some rather decisive clothing. Will anyone even notice?

under the sea



Baby Dragon

I thought I was getting old when friends started getting married.  Now they are having babies and I am getting REALLY old.  A few weekends ago, my sister and I threw a baby shower for one of our childhood friends.

By request of mom-to-be, we had a dragon-themed shower.  Translating that into a cake seemed pretty difficult.  We were on a CakeBoss kick on Netflix, so rather ambitious ideas swirled in our heads.  Going back to our roots, we turned to Pinterest and turned excellent decorating technique to dragon scales:



Check out the technique here. It isn’t in English, but the pictures are pretty useful!

Knock Off Hair

As someone whose parents own several hair salons, I feel the need to ave flawless hair all the time.  Being in the hair biz and having less than perfect hair is like being and orthodontist with crooked teeth.  No, and thank you.

Even though I got the hook up with hair products, I am now entering loan payments and having to pinch pennies broke-college-girl style again.  I am SO SO HAPPY that Suave now has salon knock offs.  Let me tell you, they are WORTH IT.  My favorite so far is the Keratin Infusion that is meant to copycat Kerastasse.

At $3 a bottle each, I used the shampoo and conditioner duo and my hair was noticeably soft and smooth a day or two into use.  At such a low price, the Suave salon professionals line is a really easy gamble to make when you want to save on your salon favorites.


Make Up Monday 10/28

There are few things in life I love more than obsessively cleaning things.  I am absolutely obsessed with my Beauty Blender, and keeping it bright and pink when it is not in use is pretty much a hobby. Even though BB provides a cleanser (and it is actually terrific), it did not clean as well as well as I had hoped.  The only thing better than the blender cleanser is the blender cleanser solid ($16). 

Now that Sephora carries the BB in stores (!!!) the cleanser is now available too.  I was  a little weary about using the solid, but hot diggity it cleans so much better! And since it is a solid and not a liquid, it makes using my beauty blender travel friendly!

Daily Dose 10/25

This week was the first week at my new store and I am a little bit in love.  Regardless of my day from hell, getting put to work and to be responsible in a reasonable environment has really turned around my viewpoint for my job.  It’s official, I’m happy again. As for a few weekly favorites…. have a chuckle at my week.



I love buying useless things that have a 100% chance of not working at all



This, friends, is not a cake.  This is molded jello. Asian Style, and I am in love with it



I have made the decision that Chick Fil A should cater my baby shower. So I can take home yummy waffle fries like this for days.

It is ON


My struggles as a loan-paying-grad has begun.  I sure do want to dress like I just walked out of a J.Crew catalog, but boy is it tough when my salary has basically just got slashed in half.  It has been very certain within the last year that Old Navy has stepped up its game.  Rumors of poaching a J.Crew creative mind is certainly becoming a reality.


My most recent purchase has made me VERY happy.  I got some trendy clothes that I am able to pull off at work.  Yes the fox sweater was a hit, and the cobalt blue ponte pants are SO comfortable.  The red flats were a given, as I had been searching for an adorable pair of red shoes for quite a while.

Here are a few of my new favorites from Old Navy

Pop Sugar: October

Besides the days I had received acceptance letters to college and Pharmacy School, I think my favorite days to receive mail are my PopSugar days.  My October box came swiftly and I believe it was the best box yet!  The overall value of it was amazing. 20131103-123242.jpg


1) The Can’t Cook Book by Jessica Seinfield.  I loved Jessica’s first book, deceptively delicious, where she concocted recipes to trick kids into eating vegetables. I can’t wait to try out recipes from this book.

2) Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet–pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I love Gorjana as a brand, and I love anything related to BCA. It is so dainty and delicate, I’d wear it with any outfit.

3) Julep Duo–These two bitty bottles of polish basically pay for the entire box.  I know a bottle of nail polish from Julep is $14 and the Freedom Polymer Topcoat is $18.  I know because I have paid for them both.  I am so happy I got another bottle of FPT and that the color I received is the perfect shade of oxblood. Julep has its own subscription service, and offered one month free.

4) The Wet Brush.  This brush is to be used while in the shower.  I rarely brush my hair because I am so displeased with the results afterwards.  The Wet Brush changed everything.  I have never had my hair come out so smoothly, wet or dry. It is hot pink for BCA, and they donated a large contribution to research for including it in the box.

5) NYX liquid liner and smoky eye shadow palette were a great surprise.  Due to my surplus of cosmetics, I gave these to my cousin just in time for her Homecoming Dance.  I love that they are able to cater to my preferred color palette and and eye color.

6) Jane Tran bobby pins are rather simple–just glittery bobby pins.  As I have a lot of fine hair, I use alot of pins to keep them off my face.  Glitter is a color, by the way.

7) Crispycake. OH EM GEE. This thing was amazing.  It is super super enormous and incredibly marshmallow-y.  I could eat a whole box of this for the rest of my life and I would be happy.  Seriously. Amazing.

8) Stitch Fix is a personal styling website that some of my friends use.  I am not really into those websites because I have heard very bad reviews in the blogosphere.  PopSugar has given me a $20 coupon and a waived styling fee.  I guess I can try it out now!

Get yourself a box with the referral link above!

I’m not Crying, I swear!

So this video has basically been all over the inter webs lately:

It has spread like wildfire since, but I am a little bit more partial to a treasure I discovered about a year and a half ago.  A friend of mine was doing a residency at Seattle Children’s hospital and shared this video with me:

I still love the Seattle one–and it just seemed like everyone was having fun, and much less forced than Dartmouth.  I know, I sound like I am completely unaware of the true messages of these videos, but the true spirit of everyone in each video can be easily seen.

Once upon a time, around this time least year, I was putting myself together to do a residency.  I so badly wanted to specialize in pediatrics and hopefully move on to pediatric oncology.  Due to some circumstances, I was not able to even go through the application process.  These videos have a special place in my heart and always remind me of what opportunities are out there for my career.  I had a rotation last winter in the pediatric ICU and the pediatric hematology/oncology unit and I just knew that there is so much more that I can contribute.  The latest video definitely made me re-think my career path.


Make Up Monday: 10/21

At the beginning of the year, I made one of my New Year’s resolutions to wear more lipstick.  Certainly, that did not take off too well.  All the colors I had tried just did not suit my personality, and the formula made my lips cakey and dry.  I was really not a fan of any of the lipsticks that i had tried.

Enter the Marc Jacobs beauty collection this fall.  I got a makeover at Sephora and was introduced to the Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel.  It was so moisturizing and the color I tried on was fantastic and complimented my natural lip color.  The color I used, which I think is the most universally flattering color, is Role Play.  It is a lovely dusty rose color.  At $30, it is pretty steep for a lipstick, especially on loan-paying-grad status. I wear it every day and it makes me look and feel good.  If I were to spend money on just one lip product each year, this lipstick would be it.


Daily Dose 10/18

I had another lovely lovely week at the Pentagon store.  Now that the furlough is thankfully over, the business has picked up just a little bit.  I had Monday off because of the federal holiday, but man were we slammed on Tuesday.  Slammed by Pentagon standards, at least.  Here are some highlights:


I don’t know why. Neon pills make me happy



All-pink Macarons for Breast Cancer Awareness



The most amazing fancy dinner. Ever. And I even had a side of Mac and Cheese

Have a great weekend!