Navy Strong

I don’t do well with mass shootings. It’s just part of my history.  Any sense of a national tragedy brings tears to my eyes and terrible flash backs.  Yesterday’s events is no exception.  To see so many accomplished people who have served this country well fall at the hands of someone who is not mentally well breaks my heart.

I have the opportunity to work in the Pentagon this week.  I know the attitudes of the people who work there will be heavy-hearted this week, but I am proud to serve those who have risked their lives to serve us. Go Navy.


Make Up Monday: 9/16

Have I ever stated that I loathe glitter? I strongly dislike glitter in cosmetics, especially.  Call it nightmares from my cheerleading days, but I stay away from sparkles in my make up.  Metallic satin finishes are ok, but buy do I love my matte shadows.  Enter Mr. Matt(e).  The Meet Matt(e) Nude palette from The Balm is a collection of matte neutral shadows.



There are 9 shadows with simply adorable names! Well hello, Mr. Matt!



The color pay off is pretty great.  I can’t wait to use them together to blend.  It is so hard to break from an eye shadow habit, especially when I have been using pre-made kits for so long.


Color of the Month: September

I refuse to have it be the end of summer. It is not ok. Since it must end, this month’s color is a mix of the summer’s favorite coral and just a little bit of pumpkin spice. Gloria from Julep’s Bombshell collection came in my Oprah’s Favorite Things box that I got in the Julep warehouse sale at the beginning of the summer.  I love that this is summery and fall-y at the same time.


Daily Dose 9/13

Happy Friday the 13th! With all that has happened in my life and all the goals I have achieved, there is very little that scares me.  Especially not a little superstition.  It has been a GREAT week.  Here are some snaps



An adorable Hello Kitty cake for a coworker’s daughter’s birthday



Newly obsessed with space bags. Apparently I need to provide a folding fitted sheet tutorial.  Really guys?



Apparently a contest of your nail polish collection is going on. IDK



Why have I not known about the wonderful Banana Republic store in Georgetown? The set up is just so adorable–a little stairway to heaven, if you will.



No trip to Georgetown is complete without cupcakes.  These are from Baked and Wired–the premier cupcakerie in the Georgetown–not that OTHER store.  There, I said it!

Have a great weekend!

Cranberry and Honey Oatmeal

One of the little joys I had during my Acute Care rotations last year was treating myself to breakfast at the hospital cafeteria every Tuesday morning.  The hospital ironically had amazing food.  One of my favorites was the cranberry and honey oatmeal, so I tried to replicate it myself–how hard could it be, right?



What do you think would be the ingredients for such a snack? Oh right, Oatmeal, honey, and cranberries–dried that is.



Can’t say it was a great success, but it was yummy.  It was all the joys of being at the rotation, without having to..uh, rotate. I wish I had added a little brown sugar to it since the cranberries were extra tart.  If you have had a lot of honey, you know the sweetness from honey has a little extra kick.

Ted’s Bulletin

I rarely venture into DC.  For someone who has lived in Fairfax County all her life, I loathe going into the city.  Something about the weird traffic patterns and the rude hustle and bustle throws me off about it.  Oh and the people who are obsessed with themselves because they live and work in DC–I’m talking to you, Emilie.

One day, work did bring me into DC and I really wanted to hang out with Emilie.  We were going to try out some Restaurant Week places until we heard that Ted’s Bulletin opened up near her apartment.  There are several other locations, but we REALLY wanted to check out the new one.

When you walk in, it is so 20’s theme-y that it is adorable.  There is a little bakery with all the treats you can imagine–especially their home made pop tarts!20130913-101126.jpg



We had called ahead, so we were seated rather quickly–lightning fast! At the envy of everyone who came in before us.  I kinda felt bad, but if you don’t know to call ahead for some places, you gotta learn now!



Reading a newspaper? Oh. No. No no no, dear that is the menu! How adorable! Yes that is the waitress laughing at me behind me. I see you. I am not ashamed.



They have a great selection of adult milkshakes, which my stomach unfortunately did not take well–but my tastebuds LOVED each drop. Get the dirty girl scout.  A boozie thin mint cookie. YUM!



They show old movies on their big screen and at little retro TVs at the counter.  I was lucky enough to walk in on Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  How perfect.




I ordered the seafood gumbo, which came with the most amazing piece of cornbread I had EVER had! And a side of mac and cheese–both were so amazing.  I really did have eyes bigger than my stomach because I was full after just a few bites.  They reheated well the next morning–worth it to bring home!



There’s always room for dessert, even if I had to bring it home.  The coconut poptart was amazing.  This was a summer seasonal one and cannot wait to try other flavors.  Fingers crossed for pumpkin!

Best part of the evening? Learning that one will open in Mosaic District.  I am STOKED!

Make Up Monday: 9/9

I love playing with make up as much as possible.  When I was interning, I never really gave much thought to doing my make up because I was there for about 10 hours a week and never saw anyone.  I saved my good make up skillz for school and rotations.

Fast forward to present day, and I realized that this is my career.  This is my every day, and I had better start getting to wear make up and getting used to putting it on every morning/afternoon.  Going natural is my thing right now.  I am over the bold avant garde–dare I say, garish–NYFW faces.

This matte lipstick from ELF is fantastic!  It is only $3, although if you go to some Dollar Tree stores, the best dollar store, true $1 store, it is, you guessed it! ONE DOLLAR! AND GUESS WHAT! See that color plug at the bottom? I thought it was just decoration and it was interchangeable so that they only had to design one tube and but in the color of the stick.  NO IT IS A SHARPENER! This is a twist up pen, but if you ever wanted to get a good fine line in your lipstick, you can sharpen it! It’s not a blade sharpener, it’s more like the crayola box sharpeners, but that is still handy!

You may think that I use a lot of ELF cosmetics, but I just think that it is the one drug store line that gives you the most bang for your buck.  They are great dupes for very high end make up and I don’t feel bad buying something I end up not liking, which is very rare!


Daily Dose 9/7

The weeks after long weekends either feel really short or really long.  I have such an odd schedule that I rarely remember what day of the week it is.  I did, however, have great days off:



Impromptu weekday brunch with my sister and her visiting friend



Fun gifts from one of my patients



I finally won something from Fornash Fridays!



Playing with my brand new planner was great fun!

Have a great weekend!