Seafood Linguine

On one of my days off, I went into a really weird cooking kick.  I channeled my inner Lauren from DC Girl In Pearls and walked to the Trader Joe’s the next street over from my house with the intent to just storm something up in my mind and go home and cook it.  DSC00221

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about the Vodka Sauce from TJs, so I definitely wanted to experiment with that.  I was deprived of sushi lately, so I wanted something with seafood in it.  I have used this seafood blend before, so I wanted to include that.  And the packaging of the Linguine looks so delicious.  They had a herb and garlic blended into the pasta, so I knew it would be delicious.



Cooking up the seafood blend and waiting for the pasta to reduce a bit was just agonizing.  It looked way too delicious for me just to sit there and stare.  When It finally finished, I dove into the majesty of a seafood linguine with vodka sauce.



I wish I had added a bit more basil and mushrooms in it, so that is a change for next time.


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