Summer is over. That does not mean I cannot indulge in the wonderful citrus-like colors of lemons and oranges–at least I can until the snow hits.



I am loving this lemongrass (ok, so NOT lemon) skirt from Target (can I get a hell yeah for the clearance section?).  It is just a nice pop of color that I can wear with neutral tops.  With my job, the top must always be super professional.  No one can really see what I am wearing behind the counter, so I can party up my bottoms!




My taupe and orange Libby Edelman Liv flats has seen better days. With this post, I hereby retire them from professional wear.  They are pretty much my favorite shoes, but are too run down for me to wear to work.  Skinny jeans may still be graced with its presence, but not work wear.

Good bye, orange toe, you’ve supported my feet running up and down hospital stairs and basements, and through rough 14-hour shifts.  You’ve been good to me.


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