Ted’s Bulletin

I rarely venture into DC.  For someone who has lived in Fairfax County all her life, I loathe going into the city.  Something about the weird traffic patterns and the rude hustle and bustle throws me off about it.  Oh and the people who are obsessed with themselves because they live and work in DC–I’m talking to you, Emilie.

One day, work did bring me into DC and I really wanted to hang out with Emilie.  We were going to try out some Restaurant Week places until we heard that Ted’s Bulletin opened up near her apartment.  There are several other locations, but we REALLY wanted to check out the new one.

When you walk in, it is so 20’s theme-y that it is adorable.  There is a little bakery with all the treats you can imagine–especially their home made pop tarts!20130913-101126.jpg



We had called ahead, so we were seated rather quickly–lightning fast! At the envy of everyone who came in before us.  I kinda felt bad, but if you don’t know to call ahead for some places, you gotta learn now!



Reading a newspaper? Oh. No. No no no, dear that is the menu! How adorable! Yes that is the waitress laughing at me behind me. I see you. I am not ashamed.



They have a great selection of adult milkshakes, which my stomach unfortunately did not take well–but my tastebuds LOVED each drop. Get the dirty girl scout.  A boozie thin mint cookie. YUM!



They show old movies on their big screen and at little retro TVs at the counter.  I was lucky enough to walk in on Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  How perfect.




I ordered the seafood gumbo, which came with the most amazing piece of cornbread I had EVER had! And a side of mac and cheese–both were so amazing.  I really did have eyes bigger than my stomach because I was full after just a few bites.  They reheated well the next morning–worth it to bring home!



There’s always room for dessert, even if I had to bring it home.  The coconut poptart was amazing.  This was a summer seasonal one and cannot wait to try other flavors.  Fingers crossed for pumpkin!

Best part of the evening? Learning that one will open in Mosaic District.  I am STOKED!


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