Make Up Monday: 9/9

I love playing with make up as much as possible.  When I was interning, I never really gave much thought to doing my make up because I was there for about 10 hours a week and never saw anyone.  I saved my good make up skillz for school and rotations.

Fast forward to present day, and I realized that this is my career.  This is my every day, and I had better start getting to wear make up and getting used to putting it on every morning/afternoon.  Going natural is my thing right now.  I am over the bold avant garde–dare I say, garish–NYFW faces.

This matte lipstick from ELF is fantastic!  It is only $3, although if you go to some Dollar Tree stores, the best dollar store, true $1 store, it is, you guessed it! ONE DOLLAR! AND GUESS WHAT! See that color plug at the bottom? I thought it was just decoration and it was interchangeable so that they only had to design one tube and but in the color of the stick.  NO IT IS A SHARPENER! This is a twist up pen, but if you ever wanted to get a good fine line in your lipstick, you can sharpen it! It’s not a blade sharpener, it’s more like the crayola box sharpeners, but that is still handy!

You may think that I use a lot of ELF cosmetics, but I just think that it is the one drug store line that gives you the most bang for your buck.  They are great dupes for very high end make up and I don’t feel bad buying something I end up not liking, which is very rare!



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