Chrome Cast

Alright, confession time. We don’t have cable. Satellite, Digital TV, whatever. We don’t have it. I myself only had it for like seven and a half years because of school and some blip in the system when I went home.

My sister and I, TV-aholics, relied mostly on hulu and Netflix to satisfy our trashy TV hunger. If you haven’t noticed, we don’t exactly keep up with the Jones’s. We have no idea how to get our internet connected to our TV so we can stream Netflix on it. I’m convinced we need a blu-ray player or something. I could be wrong. We were not about to shell out another $200 to watch the internet. Instead, we MacGyver’ed our laptops to the TV so we can watch it on the big screen. Unfortunately, we had to deal with buffering and sometimes demonic voices–don’t ask.

Enter Google ChromeCast. I had never heard of it, but my sister read about it online. We had to search near and far for it, and luckily the Best Buy near our house had it for $35! When we went there, all the store employees were shocked that we only wanted one. Was this a big deal or something? Apparently, because we turned around to get another for my uncle and THE WHOLE DISPLAY WAS GONE.

When we finally hooked it up, the picture was gloriously clear–and NO buffering! Please, give me another reason not to get off the couch…is there a Google McDonald’scast . That would complete my life.



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