Love From Afar

You. Guys. My best friend moved to Alaska. A-L-A-S-K-A. No, I am not being dramatic.  She moved.  She moved to somewhere not in the lower 48.  It is so far away, it has be inserted theoretically on a map.  Confused children believe it to be next to Hawaii, overlapping California.

Anyways, I plan on sending her a lot of love while she begins a strange adventure of cold.  I scoured near and far (within the walls of Paper Source) for some cute and different stationary to send her every so often.  Then I set my eyes on this bad boy.


This is a book of post cards. Of the greatest someecards. There’s 45 and I will probably send her one every week.  She’s gonna be really annoyed by love it. I just hope that one day, someday, I can find a proper card about how I feel about her:

Meanwhile, you can check her out at Sarah in Alaska!


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