Make Up Monday: 9/30



It seems like the call of Beauty Insider points has really gotten to me.  Thanks to their triple point offer a couple months ago (possibly quadruple due to a computer glitch…) I had been drawn to their quite amazing 500-point perks.  More on those later.

For my more recent purchase, I decided to try out some products that were on sale, as well as indulging on a cult favorite:

I wanted to focus on cheeks and contouring, so the blushes and bronzers were high on my list.  I wanted to try out new concealers–I am obsessed with concealers only second to eyeliners.  Finally, I wanted to try out Kitten by Stila.  It is basically the one eye shadow that looks good on everyone, so I had to add it to the collection.



Blog Lovin

I know this has been a long time overdue, but did you know you can follow me on BlogLovin? I used to think it was a dumb idea, but now that I use it and follow many, many more blogs, it is SO USEFUL! All the blogs are in one place and I can scroll through them one after another.  It also prevents me from missing out on some of my favorites. You can also “like” posts so you can go back to them. Love Love Love!

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Daily Dose 9/27

I am so glad this week is over, because that means I get to head down to Blacksburg this morning in about an hour and see the love of my life! It was a hard week working at a store away from home, but that is life of a floater. I’m down with it.



Got to wear my Fornash regatta bangle on a Hokie Gameday



Enjoyed a delicious brunch with my sister on Girl’s Day. Yes that is an Eggs Benedict over a crabcake.  It was beyond amazing.



Nabbed an Issa for BR dress ON SALE!



Used my Extra Care Bucks to get an at-home shellac kit.  Totally worth it!



Got a great Sephora 500-point beauty insider kit!

Have a great weekend!

Planner Planning

I love my planner.  When I wrote my planner picks post a few weeks ago, I was so sad not to be going back to school.  With my crazy work schedule, I needed it more than ever.  I am absolutely obsessed with my Paper Source planner.  Its black and gold chevron stripes is a little homage to my doctorate alma mater. 20130929-112010.jpg



If you knew me at all in school, I LOVE to color code.  The blocks in this planner lets me separate my job, blog, personal life, and reminders sections.  A little side note with my work is that log the number of hours that I work each week so I can get paid for them correctly.  It’s not that I don’t trust pay roll–it’s that I trust no one. 20130929-112020.jpg

Seafood Linguine

On one of my days off, I went into a really weird cooking kick.  I channeled my inner Lauren from DC Girl In Pearls and walked to the Trader Joe’s the next street over from my house with the intent to just storm something up in my mind and go home and cook it.  DSC00221

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about the Vodka Sauce from TJs, so I definitely wanted to experiment with that.  I was deprived of sushi lately, so I wanted something with seafood in it.  I have used this seafood blend before, so I wanted to include that.  And the packaging of the Linguine looks so delicious.  They had a herb and garlic blended into the pasta, so I knew it would be delicious.



Cooking up the seafood blend and waiting for the pasta to reduce a bit was just agonizing.  It looked way too delicious for me just to sit there and stare.  When It finally finished, I dove into the majesty of a seafood linguine with vodka sauce.



I wish I had added a bit more basil and mushrooms in it, so that is a change for next time.

Seeing Spots

Happy Shoesday yall! Remember when I absolutely loved the Taupe and Orange Libby Edelman Liv Flats? Yeah… I got myself another pair.  Unfortunately the the only pair left is the leopard print.


I ended up loving them even more because they were a wonderful Fall Transition piece.  It added a little fun and spunk to my outfits.  The patent toe–unlike the other leather toe–did not pucker when I wore them.  I don’t know why these shoes do that, but at least it stops now.  I am SO in love with these shoes.  I am definitely on the hunt for more.  Hello, Ebay!

Make Up Monday: 9/23

A good powder to set your make up can really pull together your make up.  It is hard to find a good powder not only matches your skin tone, but also the foundation you are wearing.  The formula has to light enough so that you don’t get too cakey by the end of the day.

Ladies, never fear–I have discovered Loreal True Match powder. It has been all over YouTube and it stands true to its True-Match claims.  It is also light enough that it blends into the foundation and not sit on top of it to cake it up.

My only mistake was using my Beauty Blender with it.  I heard somewhere it could work on powders too, but definitely not True Match.  With any moisture it gets this weird film on it that you have to scratch away–then the smell.  I am not a fan of the smell.

Daily Dose 9/20

I had a great week working at the Pentagon!  It was a little weird-feeling especially after the events at the Navy Yard.  You could tell the atmosphere was a little more strict.  But who can get stricter than the Pentagon, besides the White House? Otherwise, I had some even more great moments of the week!


Finally chilly enough to break out my ML monogram pullover



PopSugar box came in!!



No signal in the Pentagon+group message with 6 people= recipe for disaster



Got my badge and showed off my KE pride




Sneak peek for the Monogram of the Month!

Have a great weekend!


Summer is over. That does not mean I cannot indulge in the wonderful citrus-like colors of lemons and oranges–at least I can until the snow hits.



I am loving this lemongrass (ok, so NOT lemon) skirt from Target (can I get a hell yeah for the clearance section?).  It is just a nice pop of color that I can wear with neutral tops.  With my job, the top must always be super professional.  No one can really see what I am wearing behind the counter, so I can party up my bottoms!




My taupe and orange Libby Edelman Liv flats has seen better days. With this post, I hereby retire them from professional wear.  They are pretty much my favorite shoes, but are too run down for me to wear to work.  Skinny jeans may still be graced with its presence, but not work wear.

Good bye, orange toe, you’ve supported my feet running up and down hospital stairs and basements, and through rough 14-hour shifts.  You’ve been good to me.

Drive Me Crazy

Actually one of my guilty pleasure movies, starring Melissa Joan Hart and a very young Adrian Grenier–with a hint of Britney Spears awesomeness.  Driving loafers are hot right now.  It is fall and they are a great alternative to ballet flats. I know the tops of your feel are getting a little chilly! Aside from Top Siders, driving loafers cover up the tops and come in a variety of colors!

I recently picked up two pairs from C.Wonder when they were on sale (On SALE SALE).  I love them.  They are so soft and supple and comfortable enough for my long shifts at work.



The orange ones are suede with the gold C. Wonder logo and the black ones are leather with a little dainty bow. Love. Them. Definitely wait for them to be on sale.  I would never buy anything for full price if I knew everything went down this low later in the season!