Car Care Kit

About a month ago BF and I were about to embark on a trip–only about an hour to go to my best friend’s wedding.  As we loaded up our car and started up the engine…my car battery died.  Oops.

After a stern lecture about car maintenance, he told me I had to get jumper cables.  And a car kit in general.  He worries a lot… and knowing me, he needs to.  I have concocted a little emergency car kit, for such womanly emergencies.



1. Jumper Cables, for when car batteries die

2. Car Jack, to change your tire–you SHOULD know how to do this

3. First Aid Kit

4. Flat tire spray–helps mend the little holes until you can get a new tire

5. Fire extinguisher–still call the fire department, but you may need one for little fires and make sure it doesn’t reach the gas tank

6. Lug wrench–I’m not sure that’s the actual name, but you need it to change a tire too

7. Flashlight

8. Toolkit

9. Tire pressure gauge.  Comes in an electronic version too


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