Backstreet’s Back



You. Guys. I went to the Backstreet Boys concert! For 4 glorious hours, I was 12 again.  It was a little spontaneous–my cousin managed to have a few extra tickets, and I jumped on that bus, FAST! With just a few low quality iPhone shots, I would love to share my experience.  IT. WAS. AWESOME.


First, DJ Pauly D opened with some thumping songs


Followed by my second lover, Jesse McCartney, who seemed to have an identity crisis.  I was convinced he was going to do Gangham Style.


Oh, but my boy did not disappoint.  He is still fine as hell.



Then, my all-time biggest crush ever, Nick Carter, emerged and it was party party party from then on.  I loved every second of it!


The guys admitted that they were getting old–holy crap they are like 40 years old now! They announced that they are settling down, doing more acoustic type music, and maybe not dancing so much from here on out.  20130828-125538.jpg


Oh, but I do love a good boyband dance sequence.  All of my favorite songs from middle school were played.  It was so good. So. So. So. Good! Oh, and ‘NSync sucks.


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