BTS: Agendas

This is a milestone.  This is the day I never thought would happen.  My first not-back-to-school season.  I LOVE back-to-school (back-to-cool) season.  I love buying school supplies.  This is the very first year–in 22 years– that I did not have to go out and prep for the new school year, because there is no school year!

Just because school is over, doesn’t mean I don’t need the basics to get through the work week.  The agenda/planner is one of the most vital accessories for adult life.  Now that we are beyond spiral bound notebooks, agendas and planners are definitely the new fashion accessory.  It basically says, “I am SO busy I need to plan, but I’m fabulous too!”

My top picks for this year:


The winner I ended up taking home is the black and gold chevron planner from Paper Source–my new favorite place.  My planner last year was the Jumbo planner from Lilly Pulitzer, but wanted something just a tad bit more sophisticated.  I am absolutely coveting the Kate Spade planners for next year though!
How do you plan?

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