Vineyard Vines Haul

Way back when in school, I used to think that getting my student loan refund check made me feel like a hip hop mogul.

I was so wrong.  In my world, three little words surpass the biannual deposit in my tiny bank account: Pharmacist. Pay. Day. Finally, all of my hard work has paid off, and the constant abuse at work as been compensated–I am VERY happy.

I chose to be absolutely reckless for my first check–a rite of passage of sorts.  I was going to get whatever I wanted–within reason.  I dared to pay full price for things.  It was the ultimate “Treat Yo Self” day.

I also happened to luck out with a major additional 40% off sale items!

DSC00133 DSC00134 DSC00135 DSC00136 DSC00137 DSC00138 DSC00139 DSC00141


Love this newfound luxury! Except I’m poor again… #sorrynotsorry


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